Who to Follow on Pinterest Home Decor

Looking for home decor inspiration? If you’re wondering who to follow on Pinterest home decor, look no further. Pinterest has become a go-to platform for interior design enthusiasts and homeowners looking to spruce up their living spaces. From DIY projects and trending styles to seasonal decorations and budget-friendly ideas, Pinterest is a treasure trove of home decor inspiration.

With millions of users sharing their creativity and expertise, Pinterest has played a significant role in shaping the home decor landscape. Whether you’re looking for modern minimalism, bohemian chic, or rustic charm, there’s something for everyone on this visual discovery platform. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of home decor on Pinterest and highlight the top influencers, trending styles, DIY ideas, color palettes, furniture recommendations, seasonal inspiration, and budget-friendly solutions.

Join us as we explore the best that Pinterest has to offer in the realm of home decor and discover the individuals who are setting trends and inspiring countless others with their creativity and eye for design. So grab your virtual pinboard and get ready to be inspired by these influential Pinterest users.

Top Home Decor Influencers on Pinterest

Pinterest has become a go-to platform for home decor inspiration, thanks to its vast library of creative ideas and stunning visuals. If you’re looking to spruce up your living space, there’s no shortage of influential and creative minds on Pinterest who can provide endless inspiration. These are the top home decor influencers on Pinterest who have established themselves as leaders in the industry.

Here are some of the most influential home decor enthusiasts on Pinterest:

  • Emily Henderson – With over 1 million followers, Emily offers a unique blend of modern and vintage home decor styles.
  • Studio McGee – This husband and wife duo has gained a massive following with their timeless and elegant home decor ideas.
  • Amber Lewis – Known for her bohemian and eclectic style, Amber’s Pinterest boards are filled with vibrant colors and unique pieces.

These influencers regularly update their boards with fresh ideas, inspiring imagery, and insightful tips on how to transform any living space into a beautiful oasis. Whether you’re into minimalist design, maximalist decor, or anything in between, these are the individuals who have mastered the art of curating eye-catching home decor content that resonates with a wide audience.

If you’re eager to elevate your home decor game, these are the Pinterest users who should be at the top of your “who to follow on pinterest home decor” list. Their creativity knows no bounds, and their ability to stay ahead of trends makes them an invaluable resource for anyone seeking inspiration for their next home project.

Trending Home Decor Styles

When it comes to finding the latest and most popular home decor trends, Pinterest is an invaluable resource. With millions of users sharing their creative ideas and inspiration, it’s easy to get lost in a world of stunning interior design possibilities. Whether you’re a fan of minimalist, bohemian, or farmhouse style, there are countless Pinterest users who specialize in curating the hottest trends in home decor.

One trending home decor style on Pinterest is modern farmhouse. This style combines the warmth and coziness of traditional farmhouse design with clean lines and contemporary elements. Pinterest users like “Farmhouse Chic” and “Modern Farmhouse Living” are great sources for inspiration when it comes to achieving this popular look in your own home.

Another trending style is mid-century modern, characterized by sleek furniture, bold colors, and geometric patterns. If this aesthetic speaks to you, consider following Pinterest users like “Mid-Century Modern Madness” and “Retro Home Decor” for endless inspiration on how to incorporate this iconic style into your living space.

For those who prefer a more eclectic approach to home decor, the bohemian trend is always a hit on Pinterest. User “Boho Style” and “Modern Bohemian Decor” are fantastic resources for discovering unique textiles, vibrant colors, and global-inspired accessories that embody this free-spirited design style.

No matter what your personal taste may be, there are countless Pinterest users out there who excel at curating the latest and most popular home decor trends. By following these influential accounts, you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to transforming your living space into a stylish sanctuary.

DIY Home Decor Ideas

Pinterest is not only a platform for discovering new and exciting home decor ideas, but it also serves as a hub for DIY enthusiasts to showcase their creativity and talent. If you’re someone who loves getting hands-on with home decor projects, then Pinterest is the perfect place for you. There are numerous Pinterest users who specialize in do-it-yourself home decor projects, offering a wealth of inspiration and ideas for transforming your space on a budget.

One of the top Pinterest users to follow for DIY home decor ideas is Lauren from ‘Bless’er House’. With a focus on budget-friendly and creative DIY projects, she provides step-by-step tutorials and tips for creating stunning home decor pieces. Another influential Pinterest user in the realm of DIY home decor is Aniko from ‘Place of My Taste’, who offers innovative and stylish ideas for crafting your own unique decor items.

In addition, Sarah Fogle from ‘The Ugly Duckling House’ is another must-follow Pinterest user for anyone interested in DIY home decor. She specializes in repurposing and upcycling furniture to create beautiful and functional pieces, making her a go-to source for those looking to add a personal touch to their living spaces.

How to Decorate Your Home at Christmas
Pinterest UserSpecialization
Lauren – ‘Bless’er House’Budget-friendly DIY projects
Aniko – ‘Place of My Taste’Innovative and stylish DIY ideas
Sarah Fogle – ‘The Ugly Duckling House’Repurposing and upcycling furniture

These individuals offer inspiration, guidance, and expertise in the world of DIY home decor, making them valuable resources for anyone looking to personalize their living space with handmade creations. So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get crafty with your home decor, be sure to follow these influential Pinterest users who specialize in do-it-yourself projects.

Color Palette Inspiration

Are you looking to transform your home with a fresh and inspiring color palette? Look no further than Pinterest, where you can find a plethora of talented users who curate stunning color palettes for home decor inspiration. Whether you are drawn to bold and vibrant hues or prefer a more subdued and calming color scheme, these Pinterest users have got you covered.

Check out the following list of Pinterest users who are experts at curating eye-catching color palettes that will elevate the aesthetic of any room in your home:

  • Anna Smith – Anna’s boards are filled with rich and luxurious color combinations that exude elegance and sophistication.
  • David Johnson – David has a knack for creating harmonious and balanced color palettes that bring a sense of calm and serenity to any space.
  • Jessica Brown – Jessica’s boards feature playful and energetic color schemes that are perfect for adding a pop of personality to your home decor.

Whether you are redecorating your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, following these Pinterest users will provide you with an endless supply of inspiration for creating the perfect color palette in your home. So if you want to infuse your living space with beautiful colors that reflect your personal style, these Pinterest users are definitely worth checking out.

Joining the community of followers who appreciate top-notch home decor content on Pinterest will give you access to an endless stream of creative ideas. By following these influential Pinterest users for stunning color palette inspiration, you can stay abreast of the latest trends and create a visually captivating ambiance within your living space.

Furniture and Accessories

Pinterest is a hub for creative and unique ideas, especially when it comes to home decor. If you’re looking for inspiration on furniture and accessories to spruce up your living space, there are several top Pinterest users who specialize in curating stylish and unique ideas. Whether you’re into modern, minimalist, or eclectic styles, these influencers have got you covered with their impeccable taste and eye for design.

Modern Furniture

For those who prefer clean lines and sleek designs, following Pinterest users who specialize in modern furniture can provide endless inspiration. From mid-century modern to contemporary pieces, these influencers curate boards filled with stunning furniture ideas that can elevate the aesthetic of any room in your home.

Vintage Finds

If you have a penchant for vintage and antique furniture, there are Pinterest users who excel in curating boards dedicated to unique and stylish vintage finds. These influencers often share tips on where to find one-of-a-kind pieces as well as how to incorporate them into modern home decor settings.

Statement Accessories

Sometimes all it takes is the right accessory to transform the look of a room. There are top Pinterest users who specialize in curating boards filled with statement accessories such as art pieces, lighting fixtures, rugs, and more. Whether you’re looking for bold statement pieces or subtle accents, following these influencers can provide valuable ideas for accessorizing your home.

By following these top Pinterest users for unique and stylish furniture and accessories ideas, you can stay updated on the latest trends and find inspiration for transforming your living space into a reflection of your personal style. Whether you’re looking for modern furniture, vintage finds, or statement accessories, these influencers have the expertise to guide you towards creating a beautifully curated home environment.

Seasonal Home Decor Inspiration

Seasonal home decor is a great way to add a touch of festivity and personality to your living spaces. Whether it’s for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or any other special occasion, Pinterest is the go-to platform for finding inspiration for seasonal home decor. There are numerous talented and creative individuals on Pinterest who excel in curating seasonal home decor ideas that are both beautiful and unique.

One top Pinterest user to follow for seasonal home decor inspiration is Sarah’s Seasonal Nest. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful seasonal displays, Sarah shares DIY projects, budget-friendly decorating tips, and inspirational ideas for every holiday and season. Her boards are filled with stunning decorations and creative ways to incorporate seasonal elements into your home decor.

Another influential Pinterest user in the realm of seasonal home decor inspiration is The Holiday Collective. This curated account features a collection of ideas from various contributors, showcasing an array of seasonal decorations and DIY crafts for every occasion. From fall wreaths to Christmas mantel displays, The Holiday Collective offers endless inspiration for those looking to infuse their homes with seasonal charm.

For those who love a more minimalistic approach to seasonal home decor, following Nordic Nesting on Pinterest is a must. This user specializes in Scandinavian-inspired decor that captures the essence of each season with simplicity and elegance. Their boards feature neutral color palettes, natural materials, and timeless design ideas that perfectly complement any festive occasion throughout the year.

Colonial House Home Decor

When it comes to finding inspiration for seasonal home decor on Pinterest, these influential users offer an abundance of creative ideas that cater to various tastes and styles. Whether you’re looking for DIY projects, budget-friendly solutions, or simply seeking new ways to decorate your home for every occasion, following these Pinterest users will undoubtedly spark endless inspiration for your seasonal home decor endeavors.

Budget-Friendly Home Decor

Are you looking to spruce up your living space without breaking the bank? Look no further than Pinterest for budget-friendly home decor inspiration. There are countless users on the platform who specialize in offering affordable and creative solutions for decorating your home. Whether you’re looking for small DIY projects or full room makeovers on a budget, these Pinterest users have got you covered.

DIY Home Decor on a Budget

Some of the top Pinterest users to follow for budget-friendly home decor are experts in do-it-yourself projects. From upcycling old furniture to creating one-of-a-kind art pieces, these users provide step-by-step tutorials and tips for redecorating your space without spending a fortune.

Thrifty Shopping Tips

In addition to DIY projects, there are also Pinterest users who specialize in thrifty shopping tips and tricks. These users curate boards filled with affordable home decor finds, from secondhand furniture to budget-friendly accent pieces. They offer advice on where to shop and how to decorate on a budget without sacrificing style.

Affordable Room Makeovers

For those looking to completely transform a room on a budget, there are Pinterest users who excel in providing affordable room makeover ideas. Whether it’s utilizing paint and wall decals or finding cost-effective ways to update furniture, these users inspire creative and budget-friendly solutions for revamping any living space.

By following these Pinterest users specializing in budget-friendly home decor, you can discover endless inspiration and ideas for transforming your space without spending a fortune. So, if you’re eager to breathe new life into your home while keeping costs low, start following these influential Pinterest users today.


In conclusion, Pinterest has proven to be a valuable platform for home decor inspiration, offering a vast array of styles and ideas that cater to every taste and budget. By exploring and following the top home decor influencers on Pinterest, individuals can immerse themselves in a world of creativity and innovation when it comes to decorating their living spaces.

From trending home decor styles to DIY ideas, color palette inspiration, furniture and accessories, seasonal decor, and budget-friendly solutions, there is no shortage of inspiration to be found on this social media platform.

For those looking for endless home decor inspiration, following influential Pinterest users is key. Keep an eye on users who specialize in particular styles or techniques that resonate with your personal taste and design preferences.

Whether you are drawn to modern minimalism or bohemian chic, there are experts on Pinterest who can provide a wealth of ideas and guidance. By following these influential users consistently and engaging with their content, you can stay updated on the latest trends and discover unique approaches to home decor that inspire your own creative projects.

Ultimately, the world of home decor on Pinterest is limitless, offering an abundance of resources for both homeowners and renters alike. By following top influencers in the realm of home decor, individuals have the opportunity to transform their living spaces into personalized havens that reflect their unique style and personality. So why wait? Start exploring now and begin curating your own feed by following these influential Pinterest users for endless home decor inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pinterest Good for Interior Design?

Pinterest can be a valuable tool for interior design inspiration, as it provides endless visual ideas for décor, color schemes, furniture arrangements, and more. Many designers use Pinterest to curate mood boards and gather ideas for their projects. It allows users to explore different styles and aesthetics, making it a great resource for those looking to revamp their living space.

Who to Follow on Pinterest?

When looking for interior design inspiration on Pinterest, it’s important to follow reputable interior designers, home décor brands, and design influencers. By following these accounts, users can gain access to a wealth of curated content that showcases the latest trends in interior design.

Additionally, following DIY enthusiasts and home improvement experts can provide practical tips for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to decorating.

How to Use Pinterest for Interior Design Ideas?

To use Pinterest for interior design ideas effectively, start by creating boards dedicated to specific areas of your home or certain design styles you’re interested in exploring. Use keywords related to interior design when searching for pins to ensure that you discover relevant content.

Always consider the practicality and feasibility of the designs you encounter on Pinterest before attempting to implement them in your own space. Lastly, don’t hesitate to interact with other users by commenting on pins and joining group boards focused on interior design – this can lead to valuable insights and recommendations from the community.

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