How Do the French Decorate Their Homes for Christmas

The festive season in France is a time of enchantment and tradition, where the spirit of Christmas comes alive in every corner of the country. In this article, we will explore the timeless beauty of French Christmas decor, examining the unique ways in which the French adorn their homes during this magical time of year. From traditional decorative elements to elaborate table settings and dazzling outdoor displays, we will uncover the enchanting world of French holiday traditions.

How do the French decorate their homes for Christmas? This question opens the door to a world of elegance and charm, as we delve into the rich cultural heritage that shapes French Christmas decor. With a focus on classic decorative elements, traditional color schemes, and cherished customs such as nativity scenes and feasting traditions, we will unravel the secrets behind adorning a home in true French holiday style.

Join us on a journey through the streets of France during the festive season as we take an in-depth look at how the French bring Christmas magic into their homes.

From elaborately decorated Christmas trees to exquisite table settings, outdoor displays that light up the night sky, and practical tips for adding a touch of French flair to your own holiday decor – this article will provide you with everything you need to infuse your home with the timeless spirit of French Christmas.

Traditional French Christmas Decor

The French take great pride in their Christmas traditions, and nowhere is this more evident than in the way they decorate their homes for the holiday season. Traditional French Christmas decor is characterized by classic decorative elements that have been passed down through generations, creating a timeless and elegant ambiance during this festive time of year.

One of the key features of traditional French Christmas decor is the use of natural materials such as holly, ivy, and mistletoe. These greenery elements are often incorporated into wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces, adding a rustic yet refined touch to the home. Additionally, fresh flowers such as poinsettias and amaryllis are also popular choices for adorning mantels and tabletops.

Another iconic decorative element in French Christmas decor is the use of candles. Whether placed on mantels, dining tables, or windowsills, candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the home. Additionally, candlelit chandeliers and candelabras are often used to add a touch of grandeur to holiday gatherings.

In addition to natural elements and candles, traditional French Christmas decor also includes an array of vintage ornaments and figurines. Delicate glass baubles, antique porcelain figurines, and hand-painted ornaments are cherished items that are carefully displayed on Christmas trees and throughout the home. These timeless decorations add a sense of nostalgia and elegance to the festive celebrations.

French Christmas Colors

French Christmas decor is often characterized by a traditional color scheme that adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the holiday season. The classic colors used in French homes during Christmas time are red, gold, and green. These colors are not only visually appealing but also hold symbolic meaning for the French people. Red symbolizes the blood of Christ, green represents eternal life, and gold signifies wealth and light.

In addition to these traditional colors, silver is also a popular choice for Christmas decorations in France. Silver is often used to add a modern touch to traditional decor, creating a beautiful contrast that captures the essence of both old-world charm and contemporary style. This blending of old and new is a hallmark of French Christmas decor.

By incorporating these classic color schemes into their homes, the French create a festive atmosphere that celebrates the spirit of Christmas while honoring their rich cultural traditions. Whether it’s through red and green table settings, gold ornaments on the Christmas tree, or silver accents throughout the home, these timeless color combinations reflect the deep-rooted customs and values of the holiday season in France.

Color Symbolism
Red Blood of Christ
Green Eternal life
Gold Wealth and light
Silver Modern touch to traditional decor

French Christmas Trees

When it comes to French Christmas decor, the Christmas tree holds a special place of honor in the home. The French love to decorate their Christmas trees with a classic and elegant touch, reflecting their sophisticated style. Here are some of the ways the French decorate their Christmas trees and the significance behind it:

– **Classic Ornaments**: The French often use classic ornaments such as glass baubles, traditional wooden ornaments, and delicate glass figurines to adorn their Christmas trees. These timeless decorations add a touch of elegance and charm to the tree.

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– **Candles and Lights**: In addition to traditional ornaments, the French also incorporate candles and soft twinkling lights into their Christmas tree decor. This adds a warm and inviting glow to the tree, creating a cozy ambiance in the home.

– **Homemade Decorations**: Many French families enjoy adding homemade decorations to their Christmas trees, such as handcrafted paper ornaments or salt dough creations made by children. These personalized touches make the tree feel even more special and unique.

The significance of decorating the Christmas tree in France is rooted in tradition and symbolism. The act of trimming the tree is seen as a joyful family activity that brings everyone together during the holiday season. It symbolizes love, unity, and celebration as families gather around to adorn the tree with beautiful decorations, creating lasting memories for years to come.

Christmas Nativity Scenes in French Homes

One of the most important and cherished elements of Christmas decor in French homes is the Nativity scene, also known as “crèche” in French. This iconic representation of the birth of Jesus holds a significant place in traditional French Christmas decorations. The Nativity scenes are typically displayed in homes, churches, and public places throughout France, serving as a reminder of the religious origins of the holiday season.

In many French households, setting up the Nativity scene is a time-honored tradition that brings families together in the spirit of Christmas. The scenes often include handcrafted figurines depicting Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the three wise men, shepherds, and animals such as sheep and donkeys. Some families pass down these figurines from generation to generation, adding sentimental value to the display.

The Nativity scene serves as a focal point in many French homes during the holiday season and is often placed prominently in the living room or at the center of a festive dinner table. Beyond its religious significance, it symbolizes family unity and tradition, bringing warmth and joy to French households during this magical time of year.

  • Nativity scenes are called “crèche” in France
  • Handcrafted figurines depict important biblical characters
  • Often passed down from generation to generation

French Christmas Table Settings

The Table Decor

In France, Christmas table decorations often feature elegant touches such as fine linens, delicate china, and sparkling glassware. Many households adorn their tables with festive centerpieces such as arrangements of fresh flowers, greenery, and candles. Traditional holiday colors like red, green, and gold are commonly used in table decor to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Feasting Customs

Christmas feasting customs in France often include a rich and lavish meal that is enjoyed over several hours with loved ones. The centerpiece of the meal is typically a roast turkey or goose, but it can also include dishes like foie gras, oysters, and various types of fish. Decadent desserts like bûche de Noël (Yule log cake) and other festive treats are also an important part of the Christmas feast in France.

The Importance of Sharing

One significant tradition during French Christmas dinners is the act of sharing. In many households, it is customary to pass around platters of food so that everyone can have a taste of each dish. This act of sharing not only symbolizes unity and togetherness but also highlights the spirit of generosity and abundance during the holiday season in France.

Outdoor Decorations

In France, the festive spirit of Christmas is not just confined to the indoors. The streets and homes are illuminated with dazzling lights and festive displays that add to the magical atmosphere of the holiday season. From traditional decorations to modern light installations, outdoor decor plays a significant role in bringing the joy of Christmas to communities across France.

Traditional French Exterior Decor

French homes and businesses are adorned with traditional Christmas lights and decorations during the holiday season. Residents take great pride in decorating their exteriors with twinkling fairy lights, wreaths, and garlands. In addition to these classic adornments, many French towns and cities put up large-scale decorations in public spaces, creating a festive ambiance throughout the country.

Community Celebrations

In France, outdoor Christmas decorations are not limited to individual homes. Many towns and cities organize community celebrations that feature dazzling light displays, festive markets, and entertainment for all ages. These events often culminate in a grand illumination ceremony where key landmarks are lit up with stunning light shows, bringing people together to celebrate the joy of the holiday season.

Modern Trends

While traditional decor still holds strong in France, there has been a rise in modern trends when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations. From innovative light installations to themed displays, French communities embrace creativity and innovation when preparing their outdoor spaces for the holidays. Whether it’s through eco-friendly initiatives or artistic expression, outdoor decor continues to evolve while preserving the enchanting essence of Christmas in France.

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DIY French Christmas Decor

When it comes to adding a touch of French flair to your Christmas decor, there are many DIY ideas that can help you achieve that chic and festive look. One popular option is to incorporate elements of French country style, such as using natural materials like wood, burlap, and linen in your decorations. Consider creating homemade ornaments using these materials or incorporating them into your table settings for a rustic yet elegant look.

Another way to add a French touch to your holiday decor is by incorporating traditional French symbols and motifs. Classic Fleur-de-lis patterns, vintage-style Santons (hand-painted nativity figurines), and Eiffel Tower ornaments can all bring a taste of France into your home during the holiday season. Additionally, consider using French-inspired color schemes such as deep reds, greens, golds, and whites to evoke the classic Christmas ambiance traditionally seen in French homes.

For those who enjoy crafting, consider making your own wreaths using fresh or faux greenery adorned with ribbon and other decorative accents. This timeless addition not only adds a festive touch but also captures the essence of a traditional French Christmas aesthetic. Additionally, creating personalized stockings with monogram embroidery or hand-painted designs can add an individualized touch to your holiday decor while maintaining that sophisticated French charm.

DIY Ideas Description
French Country Style Decor Incorporate natural materials like wood, burlap, and linen into homemade ornaments or table settings.
Traditional Symbols and Motifs Add Fleur-de-lis patterns, Santons figurines, or Eiffel Tower ornaments for a taste of France.
Personalized Crafts Create wreaths with ribbon accents or personalized stockings with monogram embroidery for an individualized touch.


In conclusion, the festive spirit of French Christmas decor is truly enchanting and brings a sense of elegance and tradition to the holiday season. From the classic decorative elements to the traditional color schemes, the French have a unique way of creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in their homes during Christmas. The emphasis on nativity scenes and beautifully adorned Christmas trees adds a meaningful touch to the festivities, reminding everyone of the true reason for the season.

As we have explored, French Christmas table settings are nothing short of exquisite, with elaborate decorations and traditional feasting customs that make every meal feel like a special occasion. The outdoor decorations in France also play a significant role in brightening up the streets and adding to the magical ambiance during this time of year. From dazzling lights to festive displays, the French certainly know how to create a festive atmosphere that captures the heart.

For those looking to infuse their own homes with the charm of French Christmas decor, there are plenty of DIY tips and tricks that can help add a touch of French flair to your holiday decorations. Whether it’s incorporating classic elements or embracing traditional color schemes, bringing a bit of French influence into your home can create an extra special ambiance for you and your loved ones during this magical time of year.

So why not take inspiration from France this Christmas and bring some of that enchanting festive spirit into your own home?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Popular Christmas Decoration in Most French Homes?

A popular Christmas decoration in most French homes is the Nativity scene, or crèche, which depicts the birth of Jesus with figurines of Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds. This tradition holds significant cultural and religious importance for many French families, and the Nativity scene is often displayed prominently as a central part of their Christmas decor.

What Do the French Put on Top of Their Christmas Tree?

In France, it is common to see a small star or an angel placed on top of the Christmas tree as a finishing touch. The star represents the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men to the birthplace of Jesus, while the angel symbolizes peace and goodwill during the holiday season.

What Do French People Put Under the Christmas Tree?

Underneath the Christmas tree in French homes, you are likely to find beautifully wrapped presents waiting to be exchanged on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Gift-giving is an important part of French holiday traditions, and families gather around the tree to exchange presents as they celebrate the joy of the season together.

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