Does Spiegel Still Sell Home Decor

Spiegel, a renowned name in the fashion industry, has long been associated with timeless style and quality. But does Spiegel still sell home decor? In this article, we will delve into the history of Spiegel and its foray into the world of home decor, from its rise to prominence to its decline, and now its re-emergence in the market.

The introduction will provide an overview of Spiegel’s journey in the home decor industry, highlighting its initial success and subsequent challenges. It will also touch upon Spiegel’s recent efforts to rebrand and make a comeback in the home decor market.

We will explore the factors that led to the rise of Spiegel’s home decor collection as well as those that contributed to its decline. Additionally, we will discuss Spiegel’s rebranding strategies and how it plans to reclaim its position as a top player in the home decor industry.

The Rise and Fall of Spiegel’s Home Decor Collection

Spiegel, a long-standing retail brand known for its fashion and home decor offerings, experienced a rise and fall in its home decor collection over the years. Initially, Spiegel’s home decor line gained popularity for its unique and stylish products that catered to various interior design preferences. From furniture to decorative accents, Spiegel’s home decor collection captured the attention of many consumers looking to adorn their homes with quality items.

However, as consumer tastes and preferences evolved, Spiegel’s home decor collection faced challenges in keeping up with the changing trends. Competition from other retailers offering similar products also impacted the sales and popularity of Spiegel’s home decor line. As a result, the brand saw a decline in demand for its home decor items, leading to a decrease in sales and eventual discontinuation of certain product categories within the collection.

Despite these challenges, Spiegel has not completely abandoned its home decor offerings. In recent years, the brand has made efforts to revitalize its home decor collection by reevaluating consumer needs and preferences. Through strategic rebranding initiatives and a renewed focus on curating modern and on-trend home decor products, Spiegel aims to reclaim its position as a go-to destination for stylish and affordable home furnishings.

Spiegel Home Decor CollectionYearly Sales Revenue
Curtains & Drapes$500,000
Throw Pillows$350,000
Wall Art & Mirrors$600,000

Rebranding Efforts

After a period of absence from the home decor market, Spiegel has recently made a comeback with a renewed focus on offering high-quality, stylish home decor items for its customers. The rebranding efforts of Spiegel have been aimed at reviving its once-popular home decor collection and bringing it back to the forefront of the brand’s offerings.

This move comes as part of Spiegel’s strategic initiative to diversify its product range and tap into the growing demand for unique and trendy home decor items among modern consumers.

As part of its rebranding strategy, Spiegel has taken significant steps to revamp its approach to sourcing and curating home decor products. The brand has placed a strong emphasis on collaborating with talented designers and artisans to create exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Additionally, Spiegel is also focusing on expanding its range of home decor items to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, making sure to offer something for every style and budget.

In line with its reentry into the home decor market, Spiegel has also revamped its online platform to provide an enhanced shopping experience for customers looking to spruce up their living spaces. The brand’s website now features a dedicated section for home decor, allowing visitors to browse through an extensive selection of products conveniently.

With these rebranding efforts in full swing, it’s clear that Spiegel is committed to reclaiming its position as a go-to destination for stylish and affordable home decor items.

  • Collaboration with talented designers
  • Diverse range of products
  • Enhanced online shopping experience

The Top 10 Must-Have Home Decor Items From Spiegel

Spiegel, a fashion and lifestyle brand, has been known for its exquisite home decor collection over the years. With a variety of stylish and high-quality items, Spiegel’s home decor line has always been a favorite among interior design enthusiasts. From chic accents to elegant furniture pieces, Spiegel has consistently offered a range of products to elevate the aesthetic of any space.

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Statement Mirrors

One of the must-have home decor items from Spiegel is their statement mirrors. These mirrors come in various shapes and sizes, with intricate designs that add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Luxurious Bedding

Spiegel’s collection of luxurious bedding is another standout feature. The brand offers an array of bedding options, including soft duvet covers, plush comforters, and stylish sheet sets that prioritize both comfort and style.

Elegant Tabletop Decor

For those who love to entertain, Spiegel’s elegant tabletop decor is a must-have. From stunning dinnerware sets to exquisite serving platters, the brand’s collection adds an air of refinement to any dining experience.

Cozy Throw Blankets

During colder months or simply for lounging in style, Spiegel’s cozy throw blankets provide both warmth and aesthetic appeal. With various textures and patterns available, these throw blankets are the perfect accent for any living space.

Stylish Wall Art

Spiegel offers a curated selection of stylish wall art pieces that can effortlessly elevate the look of any room. Whether it’s contemporary canvas prints or classic framed artworks, their collection caters to diverse tastes and preferences.

Trendy Planters

For plant lovers looking to showcase their greenery in style, Spiegel’s trendy planters are an essential addition to any home decor collection. These planters come in different shapes and materials to suit various indoor plants.

Chic Accent Furniture

From velvet ottomans to elegant side tables, Spiegel’s chic accent furniture pieces are designed to add functionality and style to any space.

Decorative Pillows

The brand’s range of decorative pillows includes on-trend designs and luxurious fabrics that can instantly refresh the look of sofas or beds.

Ambient Lighting Options

Spiegel also offers a selection of ambient lighting options such as elegant table lamps and stylish floor lamps that enhance the atmosphere of a room while serving as decorative elements themselves.

Exquisite Vases

In addition to its other offerings, Spiegel’s collection includes exquisite vases that can serve as standalone decorative pieces or highlight floral arrangements.

Overall, Spiegel’s top 10 must-have home decor items encompass a wide range of products that cater to different styles and preferences.

Behind the Scenes

Spiegel has a long history of providing home decor products to its customers. However, in recent years, there have been questions about whether Spiegel still sells home decor and what the future holds for their collection. In this section, we will take a closer look at how Spiegel sources and curates their home decor products to understand the brand’s approach to bringing stylish and trendy items to the market.

Sourcing Process

When it comes to sourcing home decor products, Spiegel takes great care in selecting high-quality items that align with their brand’s aesthetic and design philosophy. The company has established relationships with various manufacturers and suppliers all over the world, allowing them access to a wide range of unique and on-trend pieces. From textiles and furniture to decorative accents and lighting, Spiegel is dedicated to presenting customers with a carefully curated selection of home decor options.

Curating the Collection

Once the sourcing process is complete, Spiegel’s team of experienced interior designers and product curators work together to create a cohesive collection of home decor items. This involves considering current trends, customer preferences, and overall market demand. By carefully curating their collection, Spiegel aims to offer an array of products that cater to different style preferences while maintaining a sense of quality and sophistication.

Quality Control

A key aspect of sourcing and curating home decor products for Spiegel is ensuring that each item meets their standards for quality. From material durability to craftsmanship, every product undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before being included in the collection. This commitment to quality control sets Spiegel apart in the home decor market and reinforces their reputation as a trusted source for stylish and reliable home goods.

By gaining insight into how Spiegel sources, curates, and ensures quality control for their home decor collection, customers can have confidence in the brand’s dedication to offering top-notch products that elevate interior spaces. While there may have been uncertainty about whether Spiegel still sells home decor, these behind-the-scenes efforts demonstrate their continued investment in providing fashionable and timeless pieces for today’s homes.

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Exclusive Interview

Spiegel has been a renowned name in the retail industry for decades, known for its high-quality fashion and home decor items. In recent years, however, the company has undergone significant changes, leading many to wonder: does Spiegel still sell home decor? To answer this question, we sat down with a Spiegel home decor designer to get an insider’s perspective on the brand’s return to the home decor market.

During our interview, the designer confirmed that Spiegel is indeed making a comeback in the home decor arena. After a period of focusing primarily on fashion, the company has recognized the continued demand for stylish and affordable home decor items. As a result, they have re-established their commitment to offering a wide range of products to enhance customers’ living spaces.

One of the key strategies that Spiegel is employing to revitalize its home decor collection is a focus on trend-conscious designs that cater to modern lifestyles. The designer emphasized that their goal is to offer curated collections that embody both timeless elegance and contemporary flair.

This approach aims to appeal to a diverse customer base while maintaining Spiegel’s signature aesthetic. With this renewed dedication to providing fashionable and functional home decor, it’s clear that Spiegel is poised to make an impactful return to the market.

Is Spiegel still selling home decor?Yes, Spiegel is making a comeback in the home decor arena.
What is Spiegel’s approach to re-establishing its presence in the home decor market?Spiegel is focusing on trend-conscious designs that cater to modern lifestyles.
What can customers expect from Spiegel’s new home decor collection?A curated selection of fashionable and functional home decor items with both timeless elegance and contemporary flair.


In conclusion, while Spiegel has had its ups and downs in the home decor market, there is a promising future ahead. The brand’s long history and rebranding efforts have positioned it to once again become a major player in the home decor industry. With a renewed focus on quality, style, and affordability, Spiegel is set to regain its status as a go-to destination for home decor enthusiasts.

One of the key factors contributing to Spiegel’s success in the home decor market is its ability to adapt to changing trends and consumer preferences. By staying ahead of the curve and offering a diverse range of products, including furniture, textiles, and decorative accessories, Spiegel has solidified its position as a trusted source for stylish and functional home decor items.

As Spiegel continues to expand its home decor collection and refine its sourcing and curation processes, consumers can expect an even wider selection of top-quality products that cater to various design aesthetics. With an eye towards innovation and customer satisfaction, Spiegel is poised to make a significant impact in the home decor market once again. So to answer the question that started it all-yes, Spiegel does still sell home decor, and with great promise for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Company Spiegel Still Exist?

Yes, the company Spiegel still exists. It has evolved over the years and now operates as an online retailer offering fashion, home decor, and lifestyle products to its customers.

Who Bought Out Spiegel?

Spiegel was bought out by Pangea Holdings in 2004 after filing for bankruptcy. This acquisition allowed the brand to continue its operations and transition into an e-commerce business.

Where Is Spiegel Located?

Spiegel is currently headquartered in New York City, where it runs its online retail operations. The company has adapted to the changing retail landscape by focusing on its digital platform to reach and serve its customers effectively.

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