Afghans & Throws

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Afghan and throw rugs are among the most common used in America. Afghans were first formed in Afghanistan, where they got their name, and some are made with a lot of holes in them. The common fact about Afghans is that they are made of yarn and that they are hand-stitched.

The most common pattern in them is the octagonal shape with patterns and colors around them. Some of the colors may be implemented by dyes and some of them may be concocted by the use of simple yarn that has been produced with other colors. Afghans are very popular among Americans today.

They have been used both as blankets and as rugs also. Some of them are made to be a form of blanket, although the problem is that a lot of the afghans are uncomfortable and scratchy to the skin and are therefore used primarily as rugs. Throw rugs are a little different. Throw rugs can come in all shapes and colors.

They can also be made out of almost any material. They can be made out of wool or out of fur. They can also be made out of plastic. These rugs are the most common type of rug in any American household. They can be put down in bathrooms and they can be used in bedrooms.

They can also be used right in front of the door to keep the shoes and carpet from meeting. Throw rugs can be used on carpet, but a lot of the time they are used on tile floor, for they are a good way to keep heat in your feet when you have to walk across a surface barefoot. There are two reasons why people call them throw rugs. One is that you can throw them onto any surface and they work.

Decorative Throws

The other is that when they were first made, they were made out of material that decayed and were often thrown away. So whether you are throwing them onto the floor, or at a sibling that you are mad at, throw rugs will work for any occasion, and any purpose that you may need them for.

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