Where to Shop for Home Decor in Toronto

Are you looking for the best places to shop for home decor in Toronto? Look no further. Toronto is a vibrant and diverse city with a wide array of options for home decor.

From trendy boutiques to elegant luxury stores, Toronto has something for everyone. In this article, we will explore the top locations where you can find the perfect pieces to make your home beautiful. Whether you’re decorating on a budget or looking for high-end luxury items, Toronto has it all.

When it comes to finding unique and one-of-a-kind home decor items, Toronto’s Distillery District is a must-visit destination. This historic area is filled with charming shops and galleries offering everything from vintage finds to modern artisanal pieces.

If you’re a fan of hip and trendy home decor, Queen Street West is the place to be. This popular shopping district is known for its eclectic mix of boutiques and design stores that cater to all styles and tastes.

For those with an eye for elegance and luxury, Yorkville is the go-to neighborhood for high-end home decor stores. Here, you’ll find an impressive selection of upscale shops offering luxurious furnishings and accessories. If you prefer a more quaint and charming shopping experience, Roncesvalles Avenue is the perfect destination. This cozy strip is lined with unique home decor shops that exude character and charm.

And if you’re in search of eclectic and bohemian home decor options, look no further than Kensington Market. This vibrant neighborhood is famous for its diverse array of shops offering everything from vintage treasures to global-inspired pieces. Finally, we’ll also explore the convenience of online shopping for finding affordable home decor items in Toronto. With so many options available, decorating your home in Toronto has never been easier.

The Distillery District

Tucked away in the heart of Toronto, the Distillery District is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for unique and one-of-a-kind home decor items. This historic neighborhood is home to a variety of shops and galleries that offer an eclectic mix of vintage, modern, and handmade decor pieces.

Whether you’re searching for a statement piece to anchor your living room or small accessories to add a personal touch to your space, the Distillery District has something for everyone.

One of the main draws of shopping for home decor in the Distillery District is the emphasis on artisanal and locally-made products. Many of the stores feature handcrafted furniture, pottery, textiles, and artwork created by talented Canadian designers and artists. This means that when you shop in this area, you’re not only beautifying your home but also supporting local talent and craftsmanship.

In addition to the unique offerings, the Distillery District itself adds to the charm of shopping for home decor in this area. The cobblestone streets, Victorian-era buildings, and cozy cafes create a picturesque backdrop for your shopping adventure.

The district’s pedestrian-only village setting makes it a pleasant place to stroll around as you browse through the many shops and galleries. If you’re wondering where to shop for home decor in Toronto, make sure to pay a visit to the Distillery District for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Queen Street West

Some of the popular home decor boutiques on Queen Street West include:

  • Stylegarage: This boutique offers a curated selection of modern and minimalist furniture pieces, as well as sleek home accessories that are perfect for anyone looking to add a contemporary touch to their living space.
  • BYOB Cocktail Emporium: If you’re in need of barware, glassware, or unique cocktail accessories to spruce up your home bar area, this is the place to visit. You’ll find a variety of stylish and functional items to add flair to your entertaining space.
  • Cambie Design: This boutique specializes in Scandinavian-inspired home decor items such as textiles, lighting fixtures, and small furniture pieces. It’s the perfect place to find clean and functional design elements for your home.

When visiting Queen Street West with the intention of shopping for home decor, be sure to set aside ample time to explore the various boutiques and shops along the street. The eclectic mix of stores ensures that you’ll find something that suits your personal style and taste in home decor.

So if you’re wondering where to shop for home decor in Toronto, Queen Street West should definitely be on your list of neighborhoods to explore. Be prepared to discover a wide range of hip and trendy options that will help you transform your living space into a stylish sanctuary.


Nestled in the upscale neighborhood of Yorkville, Toronto is a collection of elegant and luxury home decor stores that cater to those with a taste for opulence and sophistication. When looking for high-end decor items, Yorkville is the place to be. Here are some of the must-visit stores in Yorkville where you can find the perfect pieces to elevate your home decor.

A&B Home Decor Glass Spheres

Notable Stores in Yorkville

  • Elte Market: This expansive store offers a wide range of luxury home decor items, from furniture to lighting, rugs, and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or subtle accents, Elte Market has everything you need to add a touch of elegance to your home.
  • Hermès Maison: For those seeking exclusive and sophisticated home decor items, Hermès Maison in Yorkville is the ultimate destination. From luxurious textiles to exquisite tableware, this store exudes timeless elegance and unparalleled quality.
  • The Cross Decor & Design: This boutique-style store offers a carefully curated selection of upscale home decor pieces, including furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories. The Cross is known for its tasteful and refined offerings that appeal to those with discerning taste.

Why Shop in Yorkville?

Yorkville stands out as one of the prime locations for luxury shopping in Toronto. The neighborhood is lined with upscale boutiques and designer stores that cater to individuals who appreciate fine craftsmanship and superior quality. When it comes to home decor, Yorkville offers an unmatched shopping experience with its array of stores dedicated to providing exquisite pieces for the most discerning homeowners.

Whether you’re looking for unique furnishings, luxurious textiles, or one-of-a-kind decorative items, Yorkville has an abundance of stores where you can find exceptional home decor treasures. Take a leisurely stroll through this affluent neighborhood, explore its exclusive shops, and immerse yourself in a world of sophisticated design and impeccable style. When it comes to finding elegant and luxury home decor items in Toronto, Yorkville is undoubtedly the place to indulge in lavish indulgence.

Roncesvalles Avenue

One of the highlights of shopping for home decor on Roncesvalles Avenue is the abundance of locally-owned and independent shops. These businesses are known for their curated selection of items that you won’t find in mainstream stores, giving you the opportunity to support small businesses while also adding character to your living space.

From Scandinavian-inspired design stores to antique shops filled with treasures from decades past, Roncesvalles Avenue truly has something special to offer for those who appreciate unique and thoughtful home decor.

In addition to its diverse range of home decor stores, Roncesvalles Avenue also boasts a vibrant community atmosphere that makes shopping for home decor a delightful experience. Many shops here are pet-friendly and welcome furry friends inside, creating a warm and welcoming environment for all visitors.

The avenue is also dotted with cozy cafes and restaurants where you can take a break from shopping and soak in the charming neighborhood vibe. So if you’re wondering where to shop for home decor in Toronto, Roncesvalles Avenue should definitely be at the top of your list.

Home Decor StoreDescription
Rustic RefineryA vintage furniture store offering handcrafted pieces and unique home accents.
The WorkroomThis store specializes in modern textiles and soft furnishings with a focus on sustainable materials.
Chatelet HomeOffers upscale European-inspired furniture and elegant home accessories.

Kensington Market

One of the highlights of shopping for home decor in Kensington Market is the opportunity to support local artists and independent businesses. Many of the shops in this area showcase the work of talented artisans who create their products right here in Toronto. By shopping in Kensington Market, you can discover unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else, adding a special touch to your home decor.

In addition to the traditional storefronts, Kensington Market also hosts outdoor markets and pop-up shops where local vendors sell their goods. This adds an extra layer of excitement to the shopping experience, as you never know what hidden gems you might come across. From handwoven rugs to colorful tapestries to quirky vintage wall art, there’s no shortage of eclectic and bohemian home decor options to explore in Kensington Market.

Kensington Market Home Decor OptionsHighlights
Vintage textilesUnique and colorful finds
Handmade artisanal itemsSupporting local artists and businesses
Pop-up shops and outdoor marketsExciting and unpredictable shopping experiences

Online Shopping

With the rise of online shopping, finding affordable and unique home decor items has never been easier. In Toronto, there are plenty of options for those who prefer the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

Local Toronto Shops Online

Many home decor stores in Toronto also offer online shopping options. This allows you to browse through their selection of products and make purchases without leaving your house. Some popular local shops that offer online shopping for home decor in Toronto include Crown Flora Studio, Elte Market, and Stylegarage.

Online Marketplaces

In addition to local shops with online stores, there are also numerous online marketplaces where you can find a wide range of home decor items. Websites like Etsy, Wayfair, and Amazon offer a vast selection of affordable and unique pieces that can complement any style or theme.

How to Become a Buyer for Home Decor

Tips for Successful Online Shopping

When shopping for home decor items online, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure a successful purchase. Look for detailed product descriptions and measurements to ensure you’re getting the right fit for your space. Additionally, read reviews from other customers to gauge the quality and satisfaction with the product before making a purchase.

Overall, online shopping provides an accessible and convenient way to find affordable home decor items in Toronto. Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind pieces from local shops or exploring the vast offerings of online marketplaces, there are plenty of options available to help you transform your space into a beautiful and stylish haven.

Tips for Decorating on a Budget in Toronto

Decorating your home in Toronto doesn’t have to break the bank. With some savvy shopping and creative thinking, you can create a stylish and inviting space without spending a fortune. Here are some tips for decorating on a budget in Toronto.

Shop Secondhand

One of the best ways to save money on home decor items in Toronto is to shop secondhand. There are plenty of thrift stores, vintage shops, and consignment stores scattered throughout the city where you can find unique and affordable pieces for your home. Whether you’re looking for furniture, artwork, or decorative accessories, shopping secondhand is a great way to add character to your space without spending a lot of money.

DIY Projects

Get creative and take on some do-it-yourself projects to decorate your home on a budget. Whether it’s painting old furniture, making your own artwork, or crafting decorative accents, DIY projects can add personalized touches to your home without breaking the bank. There are plenty of craft stores in Toronto where you can find supplies and inspiration for your next project.

Keep an Eye Out for Sales and Discounts

Many home decor stores in Toronto host sales and offer discounts on their products throughout the year. Keep an eye out for promotions and markdowns at your favorite stores, and don’t be afraid to ask about upcoming sales. You can also sign up for newsletters or follow social media accounts of local home decor stores to stay informed about special offers and promotions.

By following these tips and getting creative with your decorating approach, you can achieve a stylish look for your home without overspending. Toronto is filled with opportunities to find affordable and unique home decor items that will make your space feel personalized and inviting without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, Toronto offers a plethora of options for those seeking to adorn their homes with unique and stylish decor. From the charming and quaint shops along Roncesvalles Avenue to the elegant and luxurious stores in Yorkville, there is something for every taste and budget in this vibrant city.

The eclectic and bohemian offerings in Kensington Market, as well as the hip and trendy boutiques on Queen Street West, cater to those looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, there are plenty of affordable options available where to shop for home decor in Toronto. From local artisans to international brands, the online marketplace provides an endless array of choices at your fingertips. Whether you’re decorating on a budget or willing to splurge on luxury items, Toronto has it all.

With these diverse shopping options and practical tips for decorating on a budget in mind, turning your house into a beautiful home in Toronto has never been easier. So go ahead, explore the city’s many neighborhoods and discover the perfect pieces to make your space uniquely yours. With so many options at your disposal, creating your dream home decor has never been more accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Spends the Most on Home Decor?

The demographic that spends the most on home decor is typically individuals or households with higher disposable incomes. This can include professionals, empty nesters, and individuals who prioritize aesthetics and design in their living spaces.

How Do I Choose the Best Home Decor?

Choosing the best home decor involves considering your personal style, budget, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in your home. It’s important to mix and match different pieces to create a cohesive and visually appealing look.

What Is Home Decor Shop?

A home decor shop is a retail establishment that specializes in selling a wide range of products specifically for decorating the home. This can include everything from furniture and lighting to textiles, wall art, and decorative accents to enhance living spaces.

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