Where Do Model Home Decorators Shop

Home decor plays a pivotal role in shaping the appeal and ambiance of model homes, influencing potential buyers’ decisions. From luxurious furniture to budget-friendly decor options, every element contributes to creating a welcoming environment that resonates with visitors. The question remains: where do model home decorators shop to curate these stunning spaces that captivate and inspire?

Model home decorators often turn to high-end furniture stores renowned for their quality craftsmanship and impeccable designs. These establishments offer an array of sophisticated pieces that elevate the overall look and feel of a model home, showcasing luxury at its finest. Additionally, budget-friendly decor shops provide affordable yet stylish options for decorators looking to stay within financial constraints without compromising on aesthetics.

In today’s digital age, online retailers have become go-to destinations for model home decorators seeking convenience and variety. With a vast selection of home decor items ranging from contemporary to traditional styles, these platforms offer endless possibilities for creating visually appealing interiors. Whether it’s designer showrooms for exclusive pieces or antique stores for vintage finds, model home decorators have a plethora of shopping options to bring their vision to life.

High-End Furniture Stores

Restoration Hardware is renowned for its timeless and elegant furniture pieces that exude classic charm. From luxurious sofas to chic lighting fixtures, Restoration Hardware offers a range of options for model home decorators looking to create a sophisticated space. Similarly, Ethan Allen is known for its customizable furniture collections that combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design elements. Model home decorators can find unique pieces at Ethan Allen that can help set their designs apart.

Roche Bobois is another top luxury furniture store favored by model home decorators for its innovative designs and avant-garde style. With a focus on modern aesthetics and bold colors, Roche Bobois offers furniture pieces that can add a sense of drama and flair to any model home. These high-end furniture stores are where model home decorators turn to when they want to make a statement with their decor choices and create an unforgettable impression on potential buyers.

High-End Furniture StoreHighlights
Restoration HardwareTimeless and elegant furniture pieces
Ethan AllenCustomizable furniture collections combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design
Roche BoboisInnovative designs, modern aesthetics, bold colors

Budget-Friendly Decor Shops

When decorating a model home, it’s essential to create an inviting and stylish space that resonates with potential buyers without breaking the bank. Thankfully, there are plenty of budget-friendly decor shops both in-store and online where model home decorators can find trendy and affordable pieces to elevate their designs. Here are some top options for those looking to decorate model homes on a budget:

  • Target: Target is a go-to destination for budget-friendly home decor that doesn’t compromise on style. From bedding and throw pillows to wall art and decorative accents, Target offers a wide selection of trendy pieces at affordable prices.
  • IKEA: Known for its modern and minimalist design aesthetic, IKEA is perfect for model home decorators looking to create a sleek and contemporary vibe. With affordable furniture, lighting options, and decor accessories, IKEA is a great option for those working within a budget.
  • Wayfair: For a vast selection of home decor items at competitive prices, Wayfair is a popular online retailer among model home decorators. From furniture and rugs to lighting and kitchen essentials, Wayfair offers budget-friendly options without compromising on quality.

In addition to these well-known stores, there are also various discount decor shops like HomeGoods, T.J.Maxx, and Overstock where model home decorators can score stylish pieces at discounted prices. By exploring these budget-friendly decor shops, model home decorators can create beautiful spaces that appeal to potential buyers without overspending.

Whether you’re looking for trendy accent pieces or furniture that won’t break the bank, there are plenty of options available at budget-friendly decor shops both in stores and online. These affordable stores and websites offer stylish decor options that allow model home decorators to achieve their design vision without exceeding their budget constraints. Remember, creating an attractive yet cost-effective model home can still make a lasting impression on potential buyers when done thoughtfully and creatively.

Online Retailers

When it comes to finding home decor items for model homes, online retailers offer a convenient and wide range of options for decorators. Whether you are looking for trendy pieces or classic staples, these websites have you covered. Here are some popular online retailers where model home decorators can find the perfect accents to enhance their designs:

  • Wayfair: Known for its vast selection of furniture and decor items, Wayfair offers everything from sofas and rugs to lighting and wall art. Model home decorators can browse through different styles and price points to find the right pieces.
  • Amazon: With its endless array of products, Amazon is a go-to destination for all things home decor. From small accessories to large furniture pieces, decorators can find what they need with just a few clicks.
  • Etsy: For unique and handmade decor items, Etsy is the place to shop. Model home decorators looking for one-of-a-kind pieces that add character to their designs can explore the offerings from independent artisans on this platform.
Inspire Me Home Decor Location

These online retailers not only offer convenience but also provide inspiration for model home decorators looking to create inviting and stylish spaces. From budget-friendly options to high-end pieces, there is something for every decorator’s taste and style preference. So whether you are searching for a specific accent piece or revamping an entire room, these online retailers have you covered.

Additionally, many online retailers often have sales and discounts, making it even more enticing for model home decorators to shop from the comfort of their own space. With easy return policies and customer reviews, decorators can make informed decisions about their purchases without ever leaving their homes. The convenience and variety offered by these online retailers make them essential destinations for model home decorators looking to elevate their designs with quality decor items.

Designer Showrooms

Exclusive Pieces

Designer showrooms often carry exclusive pieces that are not easily found in mainstream stores. From custom furniture to limited edition decor items, these showrooms curate collections that cater to individuals with discerning tastes. Model home decorators can take advantage of these one-of-a-kind pieces to elevate the overall design of a property and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Customization Options

One of the biggest advantages of shopping at designer showrooms is the opportunity for customization. Many showrooms offer made-to-order furniture and decor items, allowing decorators to tailor pieces to fit the specific style and requirements of a model home. This level of customization enables decorators to create truly unique spaces that reflect their vision and attention to detail.

Networking Opportunities

In addition to sourcing exquisite pieces, designer showrooms also provide valuable networking opportunities for model home decorators. Building relationships with showroom owners, designers, and suppliers can lead to collaborations on future projects and access to insider tips on upcoming trends. By establishing connections within the design industry, decorators can stay ahead of the curve and continue to create stunning model homes that attract potential buyers.

Antique Stores and Vintage Shops

When it comes to decorating model homes, incorporating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces can truly set a space apart and make a lasting impression on potential buyers. Antique stores and vintage shops are treasure troves for model home decorators looking to add character, history, and charm to their designs. These establishments offer a wide range of items, from furniture to decor accents, that can instantly elevate the look and feel of a model home.

Antique stores often carry pieces that have stood the test of time, showcasing craftsmanship and quality that is hard to find in modern mass-produced items. Whether it’s a vintage statement piece like a distressed leather armchair or an ornate chandelier with intricate detailing, these stores provide a curated selection of items that can add sophistication and personality to any room in a model home.

Vintage shops, on the other hand, offer a more eclectic mix of items ranging from mid-century modern furniture to retro accessories that can bring a sense of nostalgia and uniqueness to the overall design.

Model home decorators who frequent antique stores and vintage shops not only have the opportunity to discover hidden gems but also contribute to sustainable design practices by repurposing pre-loved items. By incorporating these one-of-a-kind pieces with character and history into their designs, decorators can create spaces that feel authentic and layered, which resonates with buyers looking for a sense of individuality in their future homes.

So next time you’re wondering where do model home decorators shop for truly special pieces, consider visiting antique stores and vintage shops for unique finds that will make your design stand out.

Home Improvement Stores

When it comes to model home decorating, incorporating essential items like paint, flooring, and hardware is crucial in creating a cohesive and inviting space for potential buyers. Home improvement stores are the go-to destinations for model home decorators looking for quality products to enhance the overall look of the home.

Paint Selection

One of the key elements in any home decor project is choosing the right paint colors. Home improvement stores offer a wide range of paint brands and colors to suit every style and preference. Model home decorators can explore various paint finishes and hues to create the desired ambiance in different rooms of the house.

Flooring Options

Selecting the right flooring can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of a model home. Home improvement stores typically carry a variety of flooring options such as hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpet. Model home decorators can browse through different samples and consult with experts at these stores to find the perfect flooring solution that aligns with their design vision.

Should O Spend on Home Decor

Hardware Essentials

From cabinet knobs to door handles, hardware plays a crucial role in adding finishing touches to a model home’s decor. Home improvement stores offer an extensive selection of hardware essentials in various styles and finishes. Model home decorators can explore different options to find hardware pieces that complement the overall design scheme and enhance the functionality of the space.

By shopping at home improvement stores for essential items like paint, flooring, and hardware, model home decorators can elevate their designs while staying within budget constraints. These stores provide a one-stop-shop for all necessary materials needed to transform a house into an attractive model home that appeals to potential buyers.

DIY and Craft Stores

When it comes to infusing a personal touch into model home decor, DIY and craft stores can be a treasure trove of inspiration and materials. These stores offer a wide range of supplies for creating unique decor pieces that can set model homes apart from the rest. Whether it’s custom artwork, handmade textiles, or upcycled furniture, DIY projects allow decorators to showcase their creativity and individuality.

One popular DIY project for model home decorators is creating custom wall art. Craft stores often carry a variety of materials such as canvases, paint, brushes, and embellishments that can be used to create one-of-a-kind artwork. By incorporating personalized pieces into the decor, decorators can add a touch of originality and create a more memorable experience for potential buyers.

Additionally, craft stores provide an opportunity for model home decorators to personalize accessories such as pillows, throws, and table linens. By choosing fabrics, trims, and patterns that resonate with the overall design aesthetic of the home, decorators can tie together different elements in a cohesive way. These small details can make a big impact on buyers’ perceptions of the space and create a lasting impression.

Benefits of DIY Projects for Model Home DecoratorsExamples of DIY Home Decor Projects
Allows for personalization and creativityCustom wall art using canvases and paint
Adds unique touches to model homesHandmade textiles like pillows and throws
Cuts down on costs by making custom piecesUpcycling furniture to fit the design theme


In conclusion, model home decorators have a plethora of options when it comes to shopping for decor to create stunning and enticing spaces for potential buyers. From high-end furniture stores that offer luxurious pieces to budget-friendly decor shops that provide stylish options without breaking the bank, there is something for every taste and budget. Online retailers also offer a wide range of home decor items, making shopping convenient and accessible.

Designer showrooms cater to those looking for unique and custom pieces, while antique stores and vintage shops offer one-of-a-kind items with character and history. Home improvement stores are ideal for finding essential items like paint, flooring, and hardware to complete the overall look of a model home. Additionally, DIY projects and craft stores allow decorators to add a personal touch to their designs, making each space truly unique.

Ultimately, creating a cohesive and inviting space in model homes is crucial in attracting potential buyers. By carefully selecting decor from various sources mentioned above, model home decorators can showcase the best features of the property and help buyers envision themselves living in the space. Where do model home decorators shop? A combination of these top places will surely result in beautifully decorated model homes that leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Most Interior Decorators Work From?

Most interior decorators work from either their own design firm or as part of a larger interior design company. Some may also work independently as freelancers, setting up home offices to meet with clients and plan projects remotely.

What Is a Professional Home Decorator Called?

A professional home decorator is typically referred to as an interior designer. This individual is trained and skilled in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces within residential properties. Interior designers often work closely with clients to understand their preferences and needs before executing the design process.

How to Start a Home Decorator Business?

Starting a home decorator business involves several key steps. First, gaining relevant education or certification in interior design is essential to demonstrate expertise in the field. It’s also important to develop a portfolio showcasing previous projects and design skills.

Building a network of suppliers, contractors, and clients can help establish credibility in the industry. Additionally, setting up a legal business structure, creating a business plan, and marketing services effectively are crucial for success in the home decorator business.

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