What Are the New Home Decor Trends for 2021

What are the new home decor trends for 2021? In a constantly evolving world, keeping up with the latest trends in home decor is essential for creating a space that feels current and stylish. From color palettes to sustainable materials, multi-functional furniture, and the rise of indoor plants, there are several exciting trends shaping the way we decorate our homes this year.

As we delve into the significance of keeping up with home decor trends, it’s important to recognize how these trends not only reflect societal shifts but also influence the way we experience our living spaces. The choices we make in decorating our homes can have a profound impact on our mood, productivity, and overall well-being.

With this in mind, exploring the emerging trends in home decor for 2021 becomes an exciting opportunity to reimagine and transform our living spaces.

In this article, we will explore a variety of cutting-edge home decor trends that are gaining momentum in 2021. From incorporating trending colors into your home to embracing sustainable materials and the resurgence of vintage elements, we will take a deep dive into how these trends are reshaping interior design and creating homes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

So let’s embark on this journey of discovery as we uncover the top home decor trends for 2021 and their impact on interior design.

Color Palette

2021 brings a fresh color palette to the world of home decor, with designers and homeowners alike embracing new hues to create inviting and stylish spaces. The trending colors for 2021 are inspired by nature, offering a soothing and comforting feel that resonates with the current global atmosphere.

This year’s color palette includes warm earthy tones, tranquil shades of blue, and refreshing greens, all of which can be seamlessly incorporated into your home decor to create a harmonious and on-trend aesthetic.

Earthy Tones

One of the dominant color trends for 2021 is the use of earthy tones such as terracotta, ochre, and warm siennas. These rich and grounding hues bring a sense of warmth and comfort to any space.

To incorporate earthy tones into your home decor, consider using them in accent pieces such as throw pillows, cozy blankets, or even as an accent wall. Pairing these colors with neutral shades like cream or beige can create a sophisticated yet inviting ambiance in any room.

Tranquil Blues

Another key color trend for 2021 is the use of calming shades of blue that evoke serenity and relaxation. From soft powdery blues to deeper navy hues, incorporating blues into your home decor can instantly elevate the mood of a room. Consider adding touches of blue through decorative accessories like vases, artwork, or even upholstered furniture for a timeless and tranquil look.

Refreshing Greens

Green has also taken center stage in the 2021 color palette, reflecting our collective desire to bring the outdoors in. Whether it’s a deep emerald green or a soft sage tone, integrating green into your home decor can evoke feelings of rejuvenation and harmony.

Consider adding pops of green through plants, botanical prints, or accent furniture pieces to infuse your space with natural beauty and vitality. As you embrace the trending colors for 2021 in your home decor, remember that there are no strict rules – have fun experimenting with different combinations and find what resonates most with your personal style.

Sustainable Materials

With sustainability becoming a top priority for many individuals, it is no surprise that eco-friendly and sustainable home decor materials are taking center stage in 2021. From recycled textiles to organic and natural materials, there are numerous options available for those looking to make their homes more environmentally friendly.

In 2021, we are seeing a growing demand for home decor items made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, cork, recycled glass, and reclaimed wood. These materials not only add a unique and natural touch to your home decor but also contribute to reducing the environmental impact of traditional manufacturing processes. Whether it’s a piece of furniture or decorative accessories, choosing sustainable materials can make a significant difference in the overall sustainability of your home.

Furthermore, home decor brands and designers are increasingly embracing sustainable practices by using eco-friendly production methods and sourcing materials from ethical suppliers. This shift towards sustainability is not only good for the planet but also for promoting transparency and social responsibility within the home decor industry. As consumers become more conscious about their environmental footprint, the demand for eco-friendly home decor materials will continue to grow throughout 2021 and beyond.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Flexibility and Versatility

One of the key reasons behind the rise of multi-functional furniture is its ability to offer flexibility and versatility in a space-constrained environment. From sofa beds that transform into sleeping arrangements to coffee tables with hidden storage compartments, these pieces are designed to maximize functionality without compromising on style. Homeowners are increasingly drawn to furniture that can adapt to different situations, allowing them to make the most of their available space.

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Space Optimization

Multi-functional furniture also plays a crucial role in optimizing space within homes. As more people gravitate towards urban centers where living spaces are often limited, there is a growing need for furniture that can serve multiple purposes without overcrowding a room. By integrating features such as collapsible sections, expandable surfaces, or convertible designs, multi-functional furniture offers practical solutions for making the most out of small or multifunctional rooms.

Adaptability to Changing Lifestyles

The changing lifestyles and needs of homeowners have also contributed to the popularity of multi-functional furniture. With many individuals now working from home or pursuing various hobbies within their living spaces, there is a greater demand for furnishings that can adapt to these activities seamlessly. Whether it’s a desk that doubles as a dining table or a storage ottoman that functions as extra seating, multi-functional furniture reflects the need for adaptability in today’s dynamic lifestyles.

Indoor Plants

Here are some popular indoor plant options to consider for your home decor in 2021:

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig: Known for its large, glossy leaves, the fiddle leaf fig is a statement plant that adds a touch of elegance to any room.
  • Monstera Deliciosa: With its unique split leaves, the monstera deliciosa adds a tropical vibe to interior spaces and is incredibly low-maintenance.
  • Snake Plant: Ideal for those with busy schedules, snake plants are known for their air-purifying qualities and their ability to thrive in low light conditions.
  • Pothos: This trailing plant is perfect for adding greenery to shelves or hanging baskets, making it a great option for small spaces.

To incorporate indoor plants into your home decor, consider placing them in stylish pots or planters that complement your existing decor. You can also create visually interesting displays by grouping different types of plants together or using varying heights to add dimension to the space.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different plant placement throughout your home, from entryways and living rooms to bathrooms and bedrooms. The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating indoor plants into your home decor.

Vintage and Retro Revival

The vintage and retro revival trend in home decor for 2021 reflects a growing desire for nostalgia and a connection to the past. Incorporating vintage and retro elements into modern home decor adds character and visual interest to any space. Whether it’s through furniture, accessories, or color schemes, embracing this trend allows homeowners to create unique and personalized environments that evoke a sense of history and timelessness.

One of the ways to incorporate the vintage and retro revival trend into home decor is by repurposing or upcycling old furniture pieces. This not only adds a touch of authenticity to the space but also promotes sustainability by reducing waste.

Additionally, incorporating vintage-inspired lighting fixtures, such as sputnik chandeliers or mid-century modern lamps, can instantly add a retro vibe to any room. When it comes to colors, earthy tones with pops of vibrant hues reminiscent of the 60s and 70s are making a comeback in home decor.

Embracing vintage and retro elements doesn’t mean simply recreating a period-specific look; rather, it’s about blending the old with the new to create a harmonious balance. Mixing vintage or retro pieces with contemporary decor ensures that the space feels both nostalgic and current. As more people seek individuality in their homes, this trend allows for personal expression through unique finds and eclectic combinations.

Incorporating Vintage ElementsBenefits
Repurposing old furnitureAdds authenticity and promotes sustainability
Using vintage-inspired lighting fixturesInstantly adds a retro vibe to any room
Mixing vintage or retro pieces with contemporary decorAllows for personal expression through unique finds and eclectic combinations

Home Office Design

The shift to remote work has made the home office an essential part of modern living. As more people continue to work from home, there is a growing need for adapting home decor to create a comfortable and productive home office environment. Designing a space that inspires productivity while also providing comfort is key to successfully working from home. Here are some trends and tips for designing a functional and stylish home office in 2021:

  • Ergonomic Furniture: Invest in ergonomic chairs and desks to promote good posture and reduce the risk of strain or injury during long work hours.
  • Natural Lighting: Incorporate natural light into your home office space by positioning your desk near windows or using sheer curtains to maximize sunlight while reducing glare.
  • Decluttering: Create a clean and organized workspace by implementing storage solutions such as shelving, baskets, or filing cabinets to keep clutter at bay.

With the right design elements, your home office can be transformed into a place that fosters creativity, focus, and productivity. By incorporating these trends into your home decor, you can create a space that not only meets the demands of remote work but also reflects your personal style and enhances the overall ambiance of your home.

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Texture and Layering

The use of textures and layering in home decor has become increasingly popular as homeowners seek to add depth and visual interest to their living spaces. In 2021, this trend continues to thrive as people look for creative ways to enhance the ambiance of their homes. Whether it’s through the use of textiles, wall treatments, or decorative accents, incorporating textures and layers can elevate the overall look and feel of a room.

One way to incorporate texture into your home decor is by using different types of fabrics such as velvet, linen, or knits. Adding throw pillows, rugs, or curtains in varying textures can create a sense of warmth and coziness within a space.

Additionally, utilizing layering techniques with these textiles can add dimension and visual appeal to your home decor. For example, layering a sheepskin rug over a jute rug can instantly add depth to a room while also providing contrast in texture.

Another way to introduce texture and layering is through the use of wall treatments such as wallpaper or textured paint. These elements can create an eye-catching focal point within a room and serve as an artistic expression of personal style.

Furthermore, incorporating natural materials like wood or stone into the design scheme can also contribute to an overall sense of texture within a space. Whether it’s exposed brick walls or wooden ceiling beams, these architectural elements bring character and depth to any interior design.

Texture ElementsLayering Techniques
Fabric (velvet, linen, knits)Using throw pillows, rugs, curtains
Wall Treatments (wallpaper, textured paint)Creating focal points with artistic expression
Natural Materials (wood, stone)Incorporating architectural elements for character


In conclusion, the home decor trends for 2021 encompass a wide range of elements that reflect the changing needs and values of homeowners. From the trending color palettes to the emphasis on sustainable materials and the revival of vintage and retro elements, interior design in 2021 is all about creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and environmentally conscious.

The incorporation of multi-functional furniture, indoor plants, and the focus on home office design further highlights the shift towards adaptable and productive living spaces.

As we look ahead to the coming year, it is evident that the impact of these trends on interior design will continue to shape how homes are designed and decorated. The use of textures and layering adds depth and visual interest to spaces, creating a sense of warmth and comfort. Additionally, the emphasis on eco-friendly materials reflects a growing awareness of sustainability in home decor, with homeowners seeking out products that are not only stylish but also environmentally responsible.

Overall, the home decor trends for 2021 represent a fusion of style, functionality, and sustainability. Whether it’s through incorporating trending colors, embracing vintage elements, or creating a productive home office environment, these trends offer homeowners a myriad of opportunities to express their personal style while adapting to the changing demands of modern living.

As interior design continues to evolve, these trends serve as a reflection of our desire for homes that are not only beautiful but also mindful of the world around us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Decorating Trends Are Going Out of Style?

Many decorating trends are going out of style, such as shabby chic, ultra-matching furniture sets, and overly formal spaces. These styles are being replaced by more personalized, eclectic designs that mix old and new elements for a unique and comfortable look.

What Is the Next Decorating Trend After Farmhouse?

The next decorating trend after farmhouse is expected to be more minimalist and modern, with a focus on clean lines, natural materials, and a simple color palette. This shift towards a more contemporary aesthetic reflects a move away from the rustic farmhouse look towards a sleeker and more streamlined design approach.

What Is the Most Popular Decorating Style for 2021?

The most popular decorating style for 2021 is predicted to be a blend of Scandinavian minimalism and cozy hygge elements. This style emphasizes comfort, functionality, and simplicity while incorporating nature-inspired textures and soft, neutral colors for a calming and tranquil atmosphere in the home.

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