What Are the Home Decor Accent Colors for 2019

What are the home decor accent colors for 2019? In a year where personal expression and creativity take center stage, the significance of accent colors in home decor cannot be overstated. From bold and vibrant hues to subtle and serene tones, the right accent color can completely transform a space, reflecting individual style and personality. This article delves into the top trends in home decor accent colors for 2019, providing valuable insights and inspiration for creating a stylish living environment.

In 2019, the world of interior design has witnessed a resurgence of bold and vibrant accent colors making their way into homes. Energetic hues such as electric blue, vivid coral, and rich mustard yellow have emerged as popular choices for those looking to make a statement with their decor. These eye-catching shades inject a sense of energy and dynamism into any room, serving as focal points that demand attention.

On the other end of the spectrum, there has been a growing trend towards subtle and serene accent colors that evoke feelings of tranquility and calmness. Soft pastels like blush pink, pale lavender, and muted sage green are being embraced for their ability to create soothing atmospheres within living spaces. This shift towards more understated hues reflects an increasing desire for relaxation and mindfulness in our homes.

Trends in Home Decor Accent Colors

2019 is all about embracing vibrant, bold colors as accent pieces in home decor. These colors can instantly liven up any space and add a pop of energy to the overall aesthetic. Some of the top trending accent colors for 2019 include:

  • Gen Z Yellow: This bright and cheerful yellow is perfect for adding a playful touch to any room.
  • Coral: Named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019, coral brings warmth and vibrancy to any space.
  • Peacock Blue: This rich, jewel-toned blue adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to interiors.

On the other end of the spectrum, subtle and serene accent colors are also making waves in home decor. Soft pastels such as mint green, blush pink, and lavender are being used to create calming and soothing atmospheres in living spaces. These understated hues are perfect for creating a tranquil ambiance and promoting relaxation in areas like bedrooms and reading nooks.

A Touch of Nature

Nature-inspired accent colors have been dominating homes in 2019, with shades like sage green, terracotta, and dusty rose becoming popular choices for interior design. These earthy tones bring a sense of warmth and connection to nature into the home, creating an inviting atmosphere that promotes well-being.

Incorporating these trendy accent colors into your home decor is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with current design trends while adding personal flair to your living space. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or subtle and serene tones, there’s a wide range of options available for homeowners looking to infuse their interiors with personality and style.

Bold and Vibrant

When it comes to home decor, incorporating bold and vibrant accent colors can instantly bring energy and personality into any space. In 2019, the trend of using eye-catching hues as accent colors has become increasingly popular, adding a playful and dynamic touch to interior design.

Whether it’s a pop of bright yellow in a neutral living room or a statement piece in a bold shade of red, homeowners are embracing the impact of these energetic colors in their decor.

The Power of Red

One standout accent color for 2019 is red. From deep burgundy to fiery crimson, this passionate hue adds warmth and drama to any room. Whether used in small doses through accessories or as a focal point with furniture or wall paint, incorporating red into your home decor can create an inviting and lively atmosphere.

Energizing With Yellow

Yellow is another vibrant accent color that has been making waves in home decor for 2019. Whether it’s a sunny shade of lemon or a rich mustard tone, yellow brings cheerfulness and positivity to any space. By strategically using yellow accents through pillows, artwork, or even on larger furniture pieces like an armchair or ottoman, homeowners can infuse their living spaces with a burst of energy and warmth.

Pops of Blue

Another popular bold accent color for home decor in 2019 is blue. From vibrant cobalt to deep navy, blue adds depth and sophistication to any room. Whether used as an accent wall color or through smaller decor items like vases, rugs, or curtains, incorporating blue lends a sense of calmness while still making a strong visual impact.

By embracing these bold and vibrant accent colors in your home decor for 2019, you can infuse your living spaces with energy, personality, and style. Whether you choose red, yellow, blue or other equally striking hues, the key is to have fun with color and let your personality shine through your choices.

Subtle and Serene

When it comes to home decor, the use of calming and understated accent colors can have a profound impact on the overall ambiance of a space. In 2019, the trend of incorporating soothing and serene hues into interior design has gained significant momentum. These subtle accent colors are not only visually appealing but also create a sense of tranquility and relaxation within the home.

Neutral Color Palette

One of the key elements in achieving a subtle and serene look in home decor is by opting for a neutral color palette. Shades such as soft greys, muted blues, gentle greens, and warm beiges can instantly add a calming effect to any room. These understated hues are perfect for creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere within your living space.

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Minimalistic Approach

Incorporating calming accent colors in interior design often involves adopting a minimalistic approach. This means keeping the color scheme simple and uncluttered, with an emphasis on clean lines and unobtrusive decor. By utilizing understated accent colors sparingly throughout the space, you can achieve a sophisticated and serene aesthetic that promotes relaxation and comfort.

Natural Elements

Nature-inspired accent colors play a pivotal role in creating a calming environment within the home. Incorporating shades reminiscent of nature, such as soft earthy tones or pale oceanic hues, can evoke feelings of serenity and harmony. Whether through natural materials or botanical prints, infusing these subtle accent colors into your interior design can bring a sense of tranquility that is both timeless and rejuvenating.

In 2019, homeowners are increasingly turning to calming and understated accent colors as a means of elevating their living spaces with an air of peace and relaxation. With the right combination of neutral hues, minimalistic design principles, and nature-inspired elements, it is possible to create an interior that exudes serenity while remaining effortlessly stylish.

A Touch of Nature

Nature-inspired accent colors have been a major trend in home decor for 2019, bringing the beauty of the outdoors into interior design. From earthy tones to botanical hues, these natural colors are dominating homes and creating a sense of tranquility and connection to the environment. Shades such as forest green, ocean blue, terracotta, and sandy beige are being used to infuse spaces with warmth and organic charm.

The use of nature-inspired accent colors goes beyond just incorporating greenery or floral patterns into a space. It involves selecting hues that evoke the feeling of being surrounded by nature, whether it’s through the use of color on walls, furniture, or decorative accessories. These colors can create a calming and grounding effect in any room.

According to interior designers, the trend towards nature-inspired accent colors is driven by a desire for sustainability and eco-friendliness in home decor. By bringing these natural shades into their living spaces, homeowners can create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere while also expressing their commitment to environmental consciousness.

Incorporating nature-inspired accent colors allows homeowners to bring the beauty of the outdoors into their homes. Whether it’s through warm earthy tones or tranquil blues and greens, these colors can transform any space into a serene sanctuary that reflects an appreciation for nature’s beauty.

Nature-Inspired Accent ColorsImpact on Home Decor
Earth tones (e.g. terracotta, sandy beige)Bring warmth and organic charm
Botanical hues (e.g. forest green, ocean blue)Create a calming and grounding effect

Personalization With Accent Colors

When it comes to home decor, accent colors play a significant role in reflecting the homeowner’s personality and style. In 2019, the trend is all about making a statement with accent colors that truly speak to your individuality. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or subtle and serene tones, there are endless possibilities for personalizing your living space with accent colors.

One way homeowners can reflect their personality through accent colors is by incorporating their favorite shades into their decor. This could mean adding pops of color in the form of throw pillows, artwork, or even a statement piece of furniture.

For those who love bold and vibrant colors, consider incorporating energetic shades like radiant reds, electric blues, or sunny yellows to infuse your space with energy and vitality. On the other hand, if you prefer subtle and serene tones, opt for calming hues like soft greens, soothing blues, or gentle pinks for a tranquil ambiance.

Another way to personalize your space with accent colors is by considering your personal style and preferences. If you’re someone who loves nature-inspired elements, consider bringing the outdoors inside by incorporating earthy tones such as warm browns, organic greens, and natural beiges into your decor. For those with a more eclectic style, don’t be afraid to mix and match different accent colors to create an eclectic and personalized look that speaks to your unique aesthetic.

In addition to reflecting personality and style, homeowners can also use accent colors to evoke certain moods or emotions within their living spaces. Whether it’s creating an inviting atmosphere for entertaining guests or establishing a peaceful retreat for relaxation, choosing the right accent colors can have a powerful impact on the overall ambiance of your home.

Ultimately, personalizing your space with accent colors allows you to create a home that truly reflects who you are and what brings you joy.

Mixing and Matching

When it comes to home decor accent colors for 2019, the key is in the mixing and matching of different hues to create a visually appealing space. One of the top trends for this year is embracing bold and vibrant accent colors that make a statement.

For example, pairing a rich, deep teal with a pop of coral or mustard yellow can create a dynamic and energetic look in any room. Additionally, layering these bold accent colors with more understated neutrals like soft greys or warm beiges can help balance the overall aesthetic of the space.

On the other end of the spectrum, homeowners are also finding success in incorporating subtle and serene accent colors into their interiors. Shades like pale pink, dusty blue, and sage green offer a calming and sophisticated vibe when used as accent colors. These soft hues can be layered together to create a cohesive color palette that exudes tranquility and relaxation, perfect for spaces like bedrooms or reading nooks.

In addition to bold and subtle accent colors, there is also a rising trend in using nature-inspired hues to bring a touch of the outdoors into interior spaces. Earthy tones like terracotta, olive green, and burnt orange are being embraced as accent colors in home decor for 2019. These natural shades add warmth and depth to any room, whether used on walls, furniture pieces, or accessories such as throw pillows and artwork.

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Overall, mixing and matching different accent colors allows homeowners to showcase their personal style while creating visually captivating living spaces. By carefully curating a color palette that includes both bold, vibrant hues as well as soft, serene tones, individuals can achieve a balanced and harmonious look that reflects their unique taste.

Accent Color TrendDescription
Bold and VibrantPairing energetic hues with understated neutrals creates visual interest
Subtle and SereneUsing calming pastel tones adds sophistication to interior design
A Touch of NatureNature-inspired earthy tones bring warmth and depth to living spaces

Bringing It All Together

When it comes to incorporating 2019’s home decor accent colors into your living space, there are a few practical tips and tricks that can help you achieve a stylish and cohesive look. One key consideration is to start with a neutral base and then layer on accent colors to add pops of personality and style.

This approach allows for flexibility and the ability to change up your accent colors as trends evolve. Additionally, consider using accent colors in unexpected places, such as painting the inside of a bookcase or adding a statement piece of furniture in a bold hue.

Another important factor to keep in mind when incorporating 2019’s home decor accent colors is to consider the overall mood and atmosphere you want to create in each room. For example, if you’re aiming for a bold and vibrant look, opt for energetic accent colors such as vivid reds, yellows, or blues. Conversely, if you prefer a more serene and calming ambiance, understated accent colors like soft greens, blush pinks, or muted blues can be utilized.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to mix and match different accent colors within the same room or throughout your home. Experiment with complementary color combinations or use an analogous color scheme for a harmonious look. Additionally, don’t overlook the impact of texture when incorporating 2019’s home decor accent colors – consider adding tactile elements like throw pillows, rugs, or wall art in your chosen hues to add depth and visual interest to your living space.

Incorporating 2019’s home decor accent colors into your living space is all about personalization and creativity. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant tones, subtle and serene shades, or nature-inspired hues, there are endless opportunities to infuse your home with personality through the strategic use of accent colors. By following these practical tips and embracing the versatility of accent colors, you can elevate your home decor and stay on-trend for 2019.


In conclusion, the home decor accent colors for 2019 offer a wide range of opportunities for homeowners to make a statement and personalize their living spaces. From bold and vibrant hues to subtle and serene tones, this year’s color palettes provide the perfect backdrop for creating a stylish and inviting atmosphere in any home. The versatility of accent colors allows individuals to showcase their unique style and personality while staying on-trend with the latest interior design schemes.

The trends in home decor accent colors for 2019 reflect a desire for energy, tranquility, and connection to nature. This year, homeowners are gravitating towards bold and vibrant shades that add excitement and visual interest to their interiors, as well as subtle and serene tones that promote relaxation and calm.

Additionally, nature-inspired accent colors are dominating homes, bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. With such a diverse array of options, it’s clear that there is something for everyone when it comes to choosing accent colors for 2019.

When incorporating these accent colors into your living space, it’s important to remember that personalization is key. Whether you prefer bright pops of color or muted earthy tones, the goal is to create a space that reflects your individual tastes and preferences.

By mixing and matching different accent colors, homeowners can achieve a harmonious look that adds depth and dimension to their decor. Ultimately, the home decor accent colors for 2019 provide endless possibilities for creating a truly unique and stylish living environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Color Palette for 2019?

The color palette for 2019 was a mix of bold and vibrant shades, as well as soft pastels. Colors like coral, mustard yellow, and living coral were among the top choices for interior design and fashion trends.

What Was the Most Popular Color in 2019?

The most popular color in 2019 was “living coral,” which was named the Pantone Color of the Year. This warm, peachy hue was widely embraced in various design industries and seen in clothing, home decor, and even technology products.

Should You Use the Same Accent Color Throughout House?

Using the same accent color throughout the house is not a strict rule. It ultimately depends on the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. However, using a cohesive accent color scheme can create a sense of harmony and flow within your home’s design.

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