How to Decorate Your Home 1920 Style

Are you looking to bring a touch of old-world glamour to your living space? Discover how to decorate your home 1920 style and infuse your interior with the timeless elegance of the Roaring Twenties. From luxurious materials and geometric patterns to bold color schemes and opulent detailing, the 1920s aesthetic offers a unique blend of sophistication and exuberance that can elevate any room in your home.

The 1920s were defined by the Art Deco movement, a style characterized by sleek lines, lavish ornamentation, and a sense of modern luxury. Understanding these key characteristics is essential for capturing the essence of 1920s home decor. By incorporating iconic pieces such as velvet sofas, sunburst mirrors, Tiffany lamps, and crystal chandeliers, you can create a glamorous ambiance that harks back to the opulence of this iconic era.

In this article, we’ll delve into the defining features of 1920s style, explore the vibrant color schemes that were popular during this time, and offer tips on incorporating plush fabrics, intricate wallpaper designs, and bold geometric prints into your home decor.

Whether you’re looking to makeover an entire room or simply add a few Art Deco accents to your existing decor, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a cohesive 1920s-inspired look that exudes sophistication and charm.

Understanding the Characteristics of 1920s Style

The 1920s was a decade known for its innovative and luxurious home decor style. One of the key characteristics of this era’s design is Art Deco, which originated in France before spreading globally.

Art Deco is characterized by its sleek lines, geometric shapes, and ornate details, making it a perfect fit for those interested in creating a glamorous and sophisticated ambiance in their homes. Incorporating elements of Art Deco into your home decor can include furniture with angular or curved silhouettes, as well as decorative pieces featuring intricate patterns and motifs.

Another defining characteristic of 1920s style is the use of luxurious materials. During this period, there was an emphasis on opulence and extravagance, which is reflected in the use of materials such as marble, brass, chrome, and lacquer. When decorating in the 1920s style, consider incorporating these luxurious materials into your space through furniture pieces, decorative accents, and fixtures.

Geometric patterns were also prominent in 1920s home decor, adding visual interest and a sense of modernity to interiors. From bold zigzags to sleek chevrons, geometric designs were often featured on wallpapers, textiles, and art deco accessories. Embracing these patterns can help capture the essence of 1920s style in your home while adding a touch of dynamic flair to your decor scheme.

When designing a 1920s-inspired interior space, it’s important to pay attention not only to the specific characteristics outlined here but also to how they come together to create an overall cohesive look. Combining elements of Art Deco with luxurious materials and geometric patterns will allow you to achieve a stunning homage to the timeless elegance of 1920s home decor that remains influential today.

Art DecoSleek lines, geometric shapes, ornate details
Luxurious MaterialsMarble, brass, chrome, lacquer
Geometric PatternsZigzags, chevrons on wallpapers,textiles,and art deco accessories

Color Schemes

The 1920s were a time of bold and vibrant color schemes, reflecting the exuberance and energy of the “Roaring Twenties.” Embracing these hues in your home decor can transport you back to this glamorous era. To achieve the perfect color palette, consider incorporating the following elements:

  • Rich jewel tones: Deep emerald greens, sapphire blues, ruby reds, and amethyst purples were popular colors during the 1920s. These hues added a sense of luxury and opulence to interior design.
  • Metallic accents: Gold, silver, and bronze were frequently used as accent colors in 1920s decor. These metallic shades added a touch of glamour and sophistication to any room.
  • Bold contrasts: Embrace high-contrast color combinations such as black and white or royal blue and gold to make a dramatic statement in your home.

In addition to these specific colors, it’s important to note that the overall color scheme should be bold and vibrant. Soft pastels or muted tones have no place in a 1920s-inspired color palette. Instead, opt for shades that command attention and create a sense of drama within your space.

When decorating with bold and vibrant hues reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, remember that moderation is key. While it’s important to embrace strong colors, using them sparingly can prevent overwhelming the senses. Incorporating these dynamic hues through accessories, artwork, or accent walls allows you to infuse your home with the spirit of this iconic era without overpowering the entire space.

Furniture and Accessories

The 1920s were a time of opulence and extravagance, and this was reflected in the furniture and accessories of the era. When decorating your home in the style of the Roaring Twenties, it’s important to incorporate iconic pieces that capture the essence of the time. Here are some key furniture and accessories to consider:

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1. Velvet sofas: A staple of 1920s interior design, velvet sofas exude luxury and sophistication. Opt for rich jewel tones such as emerald green or sapphire blue to add a touch of glamour to your living space.

2. Sunburst mirrors: Characterized by their radiant, sun-like design, sunburst mirrors were a popular decor element in the 1920s. Their gilded frames and intricate detailing make them an eye-catching addition to any room.

3. Art Deco coffee tables: Look for coffee tables with geometric shapes, mirrored surfaces, and sleek lines to achieve an authentic Art Deco look. Incorporating this iconic piece will instantly elevate the style of your living room.

In addition to these key pieces, it’s important to pay attention to details such as accent chairs with streamlined silhouettes, lacquered or mirrored furniture, and bold geometric patterns on rugs and throw pillows. By incorporating these iconic furniture and accessories into your home, you can authentically capture the opulence and elegance of 1920s interior design.


Tiffany lamps, known for their intricate designs and vibrant colors, brought a sense of romanticism and whimsy to 1920s interiors. These handcrafted pieces featured nature-inspired motifs such as flowers, dragonflies, and peacock feathers, adding a touch of enchantment to living spaces. On the other hand, crystal chandeliers exuded grandeur and elegance with their cascading prisms that reflected light in a dazzling display, creating a sense of luxury that was highly sought after during this period.

Incorporating these lighting elements into your home decor can instantly elevate the ambiance of any room. Whether you are aiming for a complete 1920s-style makeover or just looking to add a touch of vintage glamour to your space, Tiffany lamps and crystal chandeliers are timeless pieces that continue to captivate with their beauty and allure.

Tiffany LampsIntricate designs and vibrant colors
Crystal ChandeliersCascading prisms that reflect light in a dazzling display
AmbianceElevates the overall ambiance of any room

Textiles and Patterns

The 1920s were a time of opulence and luxury, and this was reflected in the textiles and patterns used in home decor during that era. When decorating your home in a 1920s style, it’s important to pay attention to the fabrics and prints that will truly capture the essence of the Roaring Twenties.

Plush Fabrics

One of the key elements of 1920s home decor is the use of plush, luxurious fabrics. Think velvet, silk, and satin – materials that exude elegance and sophistication. Incorporate these fabrics into your upholstery, curtains, and pillows to bring a sense of richness to your space. A velvet sofa or a silk accent chair can be the perfect statement piece for a 1920s-inspired living room.

Intricate Wallpaper Designs

In the 1920s, wallpaper was an essential part of interior design. Look for wallpaper with intricate designs such as elaborate floral patterns, geometric shapes, or stylized motifs inspired by Art Deco aesthetics. These bold wallpaper designs can add drama and character to any room in your home and are a great way to infuse a touch of vintage charm.

Bold Geometric Prints

Geometric prints were also highly popular during the 1920s, thanks to the influence of Art Deco style. Consider incorporating bold geometric patterns into your soft furnishings such as rugs, throw pillows, or even art pieces. Whether it’s hexagons, chevrons, or zigzags, these dynamic prints will add visual interest and authenticity to your 1920s-inspired decor.

By paying attention to the textiles and patterns in your home decor, you can truly transport yourself back to the glamourous world of the Roaring Twenties. Embracing plush fabrics, intricate wallpaper designs, and bold geometric prints will help you achieve an authentic 1920s look in every room of your home.

The Finer Details

The 1920s was a decade defined by opulence, luxury, and the emergence of the Art Deco movement. To truly capture the essence of this glamorous era in your home decor, it’s essential to pay attention to the finer details that add touches of opulence and sophistication. From intricate Art Deco accents to gilded decor, these elements will elevate your space and transport you back to the Roaring Twenties.

Art Deco Accents

One of the key elements of 1920s home decor is the prevalence of Art Deco accents. Characterized by bold geometric shapes, sleek lines, and luxurious materials such as marble and lacquer, these decorative elements add a touch of sophistication to any room. Look for Art Deco-inspired sculptures, vases, and decorative objects to incorporate into your space. Additionally, consider adding architectural details such as stepped or zigzag patterns that are emblematic of the Art Deco style.

Gilded Decor

Gilded decor was also a prominent feature in 1920s interiors, adding a sense of grandeur and luxury to the overall aesthetic. To bring this opulent element into your home, look for gilded mirrors, picture frames, and light fixtures that showcase ornate detailing and gold leaf finishes. These pieces will not only add a glamorous touch to your decor but will also catch and reflect light, creating a sense of warmth and radiance in your space.

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Combining Art Deco Accents With Gilded Decor

For a truly authentic 1920s-inspired look, consider combining Art Deco accents with gilded decor in your home. Pairing sleek geometric shapes with luxurious gilded finishes creates a striking contrast that captures the essence of the era’s design aesthetic. Whether it’s incorporating an Art Deco-inspired coffee table with gilded legs or displaying gilded picture frames on a geometric-patterned wall, merging these elements will take your home decor to new heights of elegance and sophistication.

Bringing It All Together

When aiming to achieve a cohesive 1920s-inspired look in every room of your home, it’s essential to pay attention to the details. Start with the color scheme, embracing bold and vibrant hues that were characteristic of the Roaring Twenties. Think rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red, and consider using these colors in various elements throughout your home, from walls and upholstery to accessories and accents.

Incorporating iconic furniture pieces and accessories from the era is another crucial aspect of achieving a cohesive 1920s-inspired look. Look for velvet sofas, sunburst mirrors, lacquered furniture with geometric designs, and glamorous cocktail bars to add a touch of luxury to your space. These pieces will serve as focal points in each room while also tying together the overall aesthetic.

To further enhance the 1920s ambiance in your home, focus on lighting, textiles, patterns, and finer details. Introduce Tiffany lamps and crystal chandeliers for a touch of glamour, opt for plush fabrics like velvet and satin for upholstery and drapery, incorporate intricate wallpaper designs or bold geometric prints for visual interest, and add touches of opulence with Art Deco accents and gilded decor.

By paying attention to these elements in every room of your home, you can create a cohesive 1920s-inspired look that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication.


Incorporating the timeless allure of 1920s home decor into your own space allows you to bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to your interior design. By understanding the characteristics of 1920s style, such as Art Deco, luxurious materials, bold color schemes, and geometric patterns, you can create a truly immersive experience that pays homage to the Roaring Twenties. From velvet sofas to Tiffany lamps, each element contributes to the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the era.

When it comes to decorating with a 1920s-inspired theme, attention to detail is key. Incorporating plush fabrics, intricate wallpaper designs, bold geometric prints, and ornate Art Deco accents helps capture the opulence and grandeur that defined the decade. Whether it’s through gilded decor or iconic furniture pieces like sunburst mirrors, every aspect plays a role in bringing together a cohesive 1920s look in your home.

Embracing the timeless allure of 1920s home decor offers an opportunity for self-expression and creativity within your living space. As you incorporate elements from this iconic era into your interior design, whether through furniture pieces or intricate lighting fixtures, you are not only celebrating a significant period in history but also making a personal statement with your decor choices.

Ultimately, by bringing together all the aspects discussed in this article, you can achieve a stunning and immersive 1920s-inspired look that showcases both your appreciation for classic style and your individuality as a homeowner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Style of Decorating in the 1920s?

The style of decorating in the 1920s was heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement. It featured geometric shapes, bold colors, and luxurious materials like brass, chrome, and glass. This style was all about modernity, glamour, and opulence.

How Did People Decorate Their Homes in 1920?

In the 1920s, people decorated their homes with a focus on luxury and elegance. This meant incorporating sleek furniture, metallic accents, and richly colored textiles. Additionally, popular design elements included sunburst motifs, lacquered surfaces, and exotic materials inspired by global travels.

What Is 1920s Home Style Called?

The 1920s home style is called “Art Deco.” This term reflects the artistic and decorative style that became widely popular during this era. Art Deco architecture and interior design were characterized by a sleek aesthetic that embraced modern technology and celebrated luxury and prosperity.

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