How to Decorate Our Home With Paper

Are you looking for creative and cost-effective ways to decorate your home? Look no further than the versatile world of paper. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which paper can be used as a decorative element in home design. From wall art to table centerpieces, paper has endless possibilities for adding a unique and personal touch to any space.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or simply looking for new ways to refresh your home decor, using paper as a decorative medium offers an array of exciting possibilities. With just a few simple supplies and a bit of creativity, you can transform ordinary sheets of paper into stunning works of art that reflect your personal style and flair.

Join us as we delve into the world of paper decor, discovering innovative ideas for incorporating this humble material into every corner of your home. From creating beautiful paper flowers to crafting eye-catching wall art and even using paper mache for custom decor pieces, the possibilities are truly endless. Get ready to be inspired and unleash your creativity as we unlock the potential of decorating with paper in the home.

Paper Wall Art

When it comes to decorating our homes, using paper as a medium for wall art can create stunning and unique pieces that add personality and flair to any space. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, there are countless creative ideas for using paper to create eye-catching wall art. Here are a few innovative ideas to get you started:

1. Paper Quilling: This intricate art form involves rolling, shaping, and gluing strips of paper together to create intricate designs. From abstract patterns to detailed landscapes, paper quilling can be a versatile and visually stunning way to adorn your walls.

2. Origami Wall Decor: Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, offers endless possibilities for creating three-dimensional wall art. From simple geometric shapes to intricate animal figures, origami can add a touch of elegance and whimsy to any room.

3. Cut Paper Silhouettes: Using the technique of cutting intricate designs from paper, you can create beautiful silhouettes that can be framed and displayed as striking wall art. Whether it’s a nature-inspired scene or a personalized portrait, cut paper silhouettes can make a bold statement in any space.

By exploring these creative ideas for using paper to create unique and eye-catching wall art, you can add a personal touch to your home decor while also tapping into the cost-effective benefits of working with this versatile medium. Whether you choose to experiment with paper quilling, origami, or cut paper silhouettes, there are endless possibilities for elevating your home decor with the beauty of paper artistry.

Paper Flowers

Creating beautiful paper flowers is a wonderful way to add a touch of elegance and charm to any home decor. Whether you have a green thumb or not, paper flowers are a fantastic alternative to real blooms, as they require no maintenance and will last indefinitely. Plus, they can be customized to match any color scheme or design aesthetic, making them an incredibly versatile decorative element.

To start creating your own stunning paper flowers, you will need a few basic supplies such as colorful craft paper, scissors, glue, floral wire, and floral tape. There are numerous tutorials available online that provide step-by-step instructions on different techniques for creating various types of paper flowers such as roses, tulips, daisies, and more. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to create a unique arrangement that suits your personal style.

Once you have mastered the art of making paper flowers, there are countless ways to incorporate them into your home decor. Create a striking floral wall art installation by arranging an assortment of paper flowers on canvas or framed board.

You can also adorn vases with these handmade blooms for an eye-catching centerpiece on tables or mantels. Alternatively, attach them to twine or ribbon to create charming garlands that can be draped across windows or doorways for added visual interest.

Paper Lanterns

To begin crafting your paper lantern, start by selecting high-quality decorative paper in the color or pattern of your choice. You can find a wide variety of options at craft stores or online retailers. Once you have your paper, carefully measure and cut it into strips that will form the sides of your lantern. Then, use adhesive or staples to connect the ends of each strip and create a cylindrical shape.

Next, create a base and top for your lantern using sturdier cardstock or cardboard. These pieces will provide stability and support for the structure of the lantern. Once you have assembled the basic structure, consider adding embellishments such as ribbon, tassels, or decorative accents to personalize your creation. Finally, add an LED tea light or string lights to bring a warm glow to your paper lantern and enjoy the beautiful ambiance it brings to your home.

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Decorating with paper is not only an affordable option but also allows for endless creativity and personalization. Paper lanterns are just one example of how you can use this versatile material to elevate your home decor. From elegant wall art to charming garlands, there are countless ways to incorporate paper into your design aesthetic and create a space that reflects your personal style and vision for your home’s ambiance.

Paper Mache Decor

Paper mache is a versatile and cost-effective material that can be used to create unique and personalized home decor pieces. From vases and bowls to sculptures and wall art, the possibilities with paper mache are endless. Here are some innovative ideas for incorporating paper mache into your home decor:

  • Paper Mache Vases: Create custom vases for your home using paper mache. Whether you want a sleek modern design or a rustic, textured look, paper mache can be molded and shaped into any form you desire. Once the paper mache has dried, you can paint it in any color or design of your choice.
  • Sculptural Wall Art: Experiment with paper mache to create eye-catching sculptural wall art for your living space. Whether it’s abstract shapes, nature-inspired forms, or even 3D letters and words, the texture and dimensionality of paper mache can add visual interest to any room.
  • Decorative Bowls and Trays: Paper mache can be molded into bowls and trays that make stylish and functional decor pieces. Use them as catchall dishes for keys and trinkets, or display them as standalone accent pieces on shelves or coffee tables.

By exploring the possibilities of paper mache, you can add a personal touch to your home decor while also embracing creativity and sustainability. With just a few simple materials and some imagination, you can transform ordinary paper into extraordinary custom decor pieces that reflect your unique style.

Paper Table Centerpieces

When it comes to decorating our homes with paper, there are countless creative and beautiful ways to incorporate this versatile material into our interior design. One of the most stunning and eye-catching uses of paper in home decor is creating table centerpieces. Whether for special occasions or everyday use, paper table centerpieces can add a unique touch to any dining area or living space.

Paper Flower Bouquets

One of the most popular ideas for paper table centerpieces is crafting paper flower bouquets. These stunning and lifelike flowers can be made from a variety of colorful and patterned papers, and they make for a striking addition to any table. By following simple step-by-step guides, such as those found online or in craft books, anyone can create their own beautiful paper flower arrangements to adorn their dining room tables.

Origami Decor

Another way to incorporate paper into stunning table centerpieces is through the art of origami. Folding intricate and delicate origami shapes and designs out of colorful paper can create visually captivating focal points for any table setting. From traditional cranes to modern geometric shapes, origami centerpieces add an elegant and artistic touch to any dining or living space.

Paper Lanterns as Centerpiece

For a more whimsical and ethereal centerpiece idea, consider using paper lanterns as the focal point of your table decor. Delicate and intricately designed paper lanterns can be hung above the table or placed directly on the surface for a soft and enchanting glow. These lanterns come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them a versatile choice for any occasion.

Incorporating paper into stunning table centerpieces is not only a cost-effective way to decorate our homes but also allows for endless creativity and personalization. Whether through crafting paper flower bouquets, folding intricate origami designs, or incorporating whimsical paper lanterns, there are countless ways to elevate any dining area with the beauty of paper decorations.

With a little creativity and some basic crafting materials, anyone can transform their dining tables into works of art using the simple yet versatile medium of paper.

Paper Garland

To create a paper garland, all you need is some colorful paper, string, scissors, and a bit of creativity. You can use different types of paper such as cardstock, scrapbook paper, or even recycled materials like old book pages or newspapers. Cut the paper into various shapes such as circles, hearts, stars, or triangles, and then simply string them together using the string to create your garland.

One fun idea for paper garlands is to incorporate different textures and patterns to add visual interest. You can also mix and match colors to create a vibrant and eye-catching decoration. Additionally, consider adding embellishments such as glitter, sequins, or beads to give your garland an extra special touch. With just a few simple materials and a little creativity, you can easily make charming paper garlands to adorn mantels, doorways, and more in your home.

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The beauty of paper garlands is that they are versatile and can be used in various ways throughout your home. They can be draped over mantels or used as festive decor for parties and gatherings. You can also hang them along doorways or staircases for a whimsical touch.

Additionally, they make great additions to children’s rooms or nurseries, adding a playful element to the decor. Whether you opt for traditional colors and shapes or go for something more unique and creative, paper garlands are an easy way to bring joy and personality into your living space while showcasing

Paper Furniture Accents

Paper Cutouts

One easy and inexpensive way to add a touch of personality to your furniture is by using paper cutouts. Whether it’s geometric shapes, floral designs, or even whimsical patterns, you can use scissors or a craft punch to create your own unique cutouts. These can then be glued onto furniture surfaces such as table tops, cabinet doors, or even drawer fronts for a custom look that reflects your style.


For those looking for a more sophisticated approach, decoupage is a technique that involves applying layers of decorative paper onto furniture surfaces using adhesive and sealant. This allows you to transform plain tables, chairs, or even lamp bases into one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase your individual taste. With an endless array of decorative papers available, from vintage prints to modern patterns, the possibilities are truly limitless with decoupage.

Custom Drawer Liners

Another clever way to incorporate paper into your furniture is by using it as drawer liners. Choose decorative papers that complement the color scheme and style of each room in your home and use them to line the drawers of dressers, nightstands, or desks. Not only will this add a pop of visual interest when the drawers are opened, but it also serves as a subtle way to infuse personality into your furniture pieces.


In conclusion, the versatility of paper as a decorative element in home design is truly remarkable. From creating beautiful wall art and stunning table centerpieces to crafting ambient paper lanterns and charming garlands, the possibilities for using paper to decorate our homes are endless. Not only does decorating with paper allow for unique and personalized decor pieces, but it also offers cost-effective benefits that make it an attractive option for many homeowners.

The step-by-step guides and creative ideas provided in this article showcase just how easy it is to incorporate paper into home decor. Whether it’s making eye-catching paper flowers or adding personal touches to furniture pieces with paper accents, there are numerous opportunities for homeowners to unleash their creativity and enhance their living spaces with this versatile material.

With a little imagination and some basic crafting supplies, anyone can learn how to decorate our home with paper in a way that reflects their individual style and personality.

In summary, decorating with paper not only allows for the creation of unique and eye-catching decor pieces but also provides an affordable way to refresh and personalize our living spaces. The DIY instructions and innovative ideas presented in this article demonstrate that there are countless ways to incorporate paper into home design, making it a budget-friendly option for those looking to add a touch of creativity and charm to their homes.

So why not explore the possibilities of decorating with paper and unleash your creativity in transforming your living space?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Decorations Can I Make Out of Paper?

Paper can be used to make a variety of decorations such as paper flowers, origami ornaments, paper garlands, and paper lanterns. These decorations are easy to make and can add a charming touch to any event or space.

How Can I Decorate My Wall With Paper?

Decorating your wall with paper can be done by creating paper wall art, such as framed paper cutouts or folded paper designs. You can also use colorful patterned paper to create a unique wallpaper effect by covering your wall with carefully arranged and taped pieces of decorative paper.

How Can I Decorate My House With Simple Things?

Simple things like potted plants, decorative throw pillows, colorful rugs, and framed art prints can instantly spruce up the look of your house. Adding personalized touches like family photos in stylish frames, candles, and small collectibles will add warmth and character to your home without much effort or expense.

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