Do They Keep the Decor on Home Town

Do They Keep the Decor on Home Town” is a popular television show that has captivated audiences with its heartwarming stories of home renovation and restoration. The show follows renovation and design experts, as they work with homeowners in small town America to revitalize their homes, while also preserving the unique character and charm of the original structures.

One of the most intriguing aspects of “Home Town” is the decision-making process behind whether to keep the existing decor or completely renovate it.

The concept behind “Home Town” revolves around celebrating the history and heritage of each home, while also bringing it into modern times with thoughtful design choices. This approach has had a significant impact on the decor decisions made throughout the show’s episodes. Viewers are often left wondering if the original decor will be preserved or if a complete overhaul is in store for each home.

Throughout past episodes, there have been instances where the original decor was maintained, paying homage to the home’s history and character. On the other hand, there have been cases where the designers and builders decided that a fresh start was necessary, resulting in a complete reimagining of the interior spaces. The decisions made not only affect the aesthetics of each home but also reflect the homeowners’ connection to their living spaces and personal histories.

The Concept Behind Home Town and Its Impact on Decor

Home Town, a popular television show on HGTV, follows the journey of Ben and Erin Napier as they work together to restore homes in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. The show has gained a loyal fan base who tune in not only for the incredible home transformations, but also for the charming southern decor that is often showcased.

The concept behind Home Town is centered around preserving the history and character of each home, while also incorporating modern updates to make it functional for today’s living. This unique approach to home renovation has had a significant impact on decor trends and decision-making for homeowners across the country.

Preserving History and Character

One of the key aspects of Home Town is its emphasis on preserving the historical elements and character of each home. This can be seen through the restoration of original features such as hardwood floors, vintage fixtures, and architectural details.

The Napiers are known for their ability to bring out the unique personality of each home, giving it a sense of timelessness while still making it relevant for modern living. This focus on preserving history and character has inspired many homeowners to appreciate and incorporate similar elements into their own decor choices.

Impact on Decor Trends

The influence of Home Town on decor trends cannot be overstated. The show has sparked a resurgence in popularity for vintage and antique elements, as well as an appreciation for craftsmanship and quality materials. Additionally, the use of color palettes inspired by nature and the surrounding landscape has become a hallmark of Home Town style. As a result, many individuals are now seeking out similar decor elements to bring that cozy southern charm into their own homes.

Incorporating Home Town Style

For fans looking to incorporate elements of Home Town style into their own homes, there are various ways to achieve this look. From utilizing reclaimed materials and vintage finds to incorporating nature-inspired color palettes, there are endless possibilities for creating a space that exudes the warmth and character seen on the show.

Whether it’s adding in shiplap accents or investing in quality craftsmanship, embracing the concept behind Home Town can lead to beautiful and timeless decor choices that will stand the test of time.

Examples of Past Episodes Where the Decor Was Kept vs Completely Renovated

When it comes to the popular HGTV show Home Town, viewers are always eager to see how the featured homes are transformed. One of the most intriguing aspects of the show is whether the original decor of the home is kept or completely renovated. Throughout the seasons, there have been numerous instances where the homeowners and designers had to make a decision on whether to preserve the existing decor or start fresh with a brand new design.

Preserved Decor: Honoring the Home’s History

In some episodes of Home Town, homeowners and designers opt to preserve certain elements of the original decor as a way to honor the history and character of the house. This may involve retaining original woodwork, salvaging vintage fixtures, or restoring architectural details. By doing so, they are able to maintain a connection to the home’s past while still giving it a much-needed update.

Completely Renovated Decor: Embracing a New Vision

On other occasions, homeowners and designers decide to completely renovate the decor, often in cases where the existing features are outdated or not aligned with their vision for the space. This approach allows for more creative freedom and can result in dramatic transformations that give new life to an old house. Whether it’s installing modern finishes or reconfiguring layouts, these changes reflect a desire for change and progress.

How to Simplify Home Decor

Overall, each episode of Home Town brings an opportunity for both preservation and innovation when it comes to decor decisions. The balance between honoring tradition and embracing change is central to many of these design choices, all of which contribute to making each transformation on Home Town unique and exciting for viewers.

The Role of the Homeowners in the Decision to Keep or Change the Decor

The homeowners play a crucial role in the decision-making process when it comes to keeping or changing the decor on Home Town. In many cases, they have a strong emotional attachment to certain elements of their home and may have specific preferences for how they want their living space to look and feel. This can greatly influence whether the designers and builders decide to keep certain aspects of the existing decor or opt for a completely new design.

In some episodes of Home Town, the homeowners express a desire to preserve certain features of their home that hold sentimental value or historical significance. For example, they may wish to keep original woodwork, stained glass windows, or unique architectural details that add character to the space. On the other hand, there are instances where the homeowners are open to a complete overhaul of the decor, allowing the designers to implement a fresh and modern aesthetic.

Ultimately, the homeowners’ input and preferences heavily influence whether the decor on Home Town is kept or changed. Their collaboration with the designers and builders creates an environment where personalization and practicality are balanced in order to achieve a harmonious living space that reflects their individual tastes and needs.

The Influence of the Designers and Builders on the Final Decor Choices

In some episodes of Home Town, we see the designers and builders working closely with the homeowners to preserve certain elements of the original decor while updating and modernizing others. This collaborative approach ensures that the final decor choices are a balanced blend of old and new, reflecting both the history of the home and the personal style of its owners.

On the other hand, there are instances where the designers and builders opt for a complete overhaul of the decor, creating a fresh look that may deviate significantly from the original design. This demonstrates their creative freedom and expertise in transforming spaces to suit modern lifestyles while maintaining functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Ultimately, the influence of the designers and builders on final decor choices greatly impacts whether or not elements of the original decor are kept. Their input, combined with homeowner preferences, plays a significant role in shaping each home transformation featured on Home Town.

Home Town EpisodeFinal Decor Choices
“Historic Charm Revived”Preserved original fireplace but updated flooring and lighting fixtures
“Modern Makeover”Complete overhaul with contemporary furnishings and minimalist aesthetic

The Audience’s Reaction to the Decor Decisions on Home Town

When it comes to the popular HGTV show Home Town, one of the most intriguing aspects for viewers is how the homeowners choose to either keep the existing decor or opt for a completely new design. The audience’s reaction to these decor decisions can vary widely, with some expressing disappointment when cherished elements of the home are removed, while others commend the homeowners for taking a bold step in creating a fresh look.

Throughout past episodes of Home Town, there have been numerous instances where the homeowners have opted to keep certain aspects of their original decor. In some cases, this decision has been met with enthusiasm from viewers who appreciate maintaining a connection to the history and character of the home.

On the other hand, there are also instances where homeowners have chosen a complete renovation, leading to mixed reactions from fans who may have had an emotional attachment to certain elements of the original decor.

The audience’s reaction to whether or not the decor is kept on Home Town often sparks lively discussions on social media and in online forums. Some viewers feel strongly about preserving the charm and character of older homes, while others appreciate seeing a more modern and updated approach. Overall, it is clear that the decor decisions made on Home Town evoke strong emotions and opinions from its dedicated audience.

  • Some viewers express disappointment when cherished elements of
  • Others commend homeowners for taking bold steps
  • The decision evokes strong emotions and opinions from its dedicated audience

Expert Commentary on the Decor Choices Made on Home Town

Home Town has become a popular show for its focus on renovating homes in Laurel, Mississippi. One of the key elements of the show is the decision-making process behind whether to keep or change the existing decor in each home. This decision can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the renovated spaces.

Interior design experts have weighed in on this aspect of Home Town, noting that the choice to keep or change the decor is ultimately about preserving the character of each home while also updating it for modern living. By retaining certain elements of the original decor, such as unique architectural features or vintage fixtures, homeowners can honor the history of their property while infusing it with new life.

How to Decorate Fridge Door at Home

In some episodes, we have seen homeowners opting to keep certain aspects of their home’s original decor, such as charming built-in shelving or ornate crown molding. These decisions are often influenced by a desire to maintain a sense of authenticity and nostalgia within the home. On the other hand, there have been instances where homeowners have chosen to completely overhaul the decor in favor of a more contemporary style that better suits their personal taste and lifestyle.

The designers and builders featured on Home Town play a crucial role in guiding homeowners through these decor decisions. Their expertise and understanding of design trends help homeowners envision how certain elements can be updated while still respecting the history and character of their homes. Ultimately, they aim to create spaces that feel both timeless and uniquely suited to each homeowner’s preferences.

Tips for Incorporating Home Town Inspired Decor Into Your Own Home

If you’re a fan of the show Home Town and love the charming, Southern-inspired decor featured on the show, you may be wondering how you can incorporate this style into your own home. We’ve compiled some tips to help you bring the cozy and classic aesthetic of Home Town into your living space.

First, consider infusing your home with vintage and antique pieces. The hosts of Home Town, Ben and Erin Napier, are known for their love of repurposing old items and incorporating them into their designs. Look for unique pieces at flea markets, thrift stores, or even in your own attic to add character to your home.

In addition, focus on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere by incorporating natural elements such as wood, exposed brick, and plenty of greenery. This will give your space that quintessential southern charm that is often seen on Home Town. Consider adding open shelving to display pottery or woven baskets for a touch of rustic elegance.

Finally, don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures to achieve the eclectic yet cohesive look often seen on Home Town. Whether it’s pairing floral wallpaper with gingham curtains or layering different textiles on your furniture, embracing a mix-and-match approach can help capture the timeless appeal of the show’s decor.

By following these tips and taking inspiration from the design choices made on Home Town, you can create a space that feels both comfortable and stylish – just like the homes featured on the show.


In conclusion, Home Town has significantly impacted home decor trends and decision-making. Throughout the show, we have seen a mix of homeowners who choose to keep the original character of their homes while others opt for a complete renovation. This diversity in decor choices showcases the versatility of Home Town’s influence on homeowners across America.

The designers and builders play a crucial role in guiding homeowners through the decision-making process, often offering expert advice and suggestions for incorporating both modern and traditional elements into the decor. Additionally, the audience’s reaction to these decor decisions reflects the show’s ability to inspire and influence individuals in their own home design endeavors.

As experts weigh in on the impact of Home Town on home decor trends, it is clear that this popular television series has revolutionized the way people approach home renovations and decoration. The show has encouraged homeowners to embrace their home’s history while also infusing modern touches, ultimately paving the way for a new era of eclectic and personalized interior design.

Whether it’s keeping original features or embracing a complete transformation, one thing is certain: Home Town has left an indelible mark on home decor trends and decision-making. With its unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary sensibility, this beloved show continues to inspire homeowners nationwide to create spaces that are both stylish and deeply personal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Homeowners Keep Furnishings on Home Town?

Homeowners do get to keep the furnishings on Home Town. As part of the renovation process, they are allowed to keep all the furniture and decorations provided by the show’s designers.

Who Pays for Renovations on Home Town?

On Home Town, the homeowners themselves pay for the renovations. The show’s team of experts helps them stay within their budget and make smart decisions about where to invest their money in order to achieve their desired outcome.

Do Any HGTV Shows Get to Keep the Furniture?

Yes, some HGTV shows allow participants to keep the furniture and décor used in their home makeovers. In most cases, it depends on the specific show and its format. For example, in some series, contestants get to keep everything while on others they only get to keep a few select pieces as a souvenir of the experience.

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