Brady Bunch Home Decor

The iconic Brady Bunch home decor holds a special place in the hearts of many, evoking feelings of nostalgia and a sense of simpler times. Step into the world of the Brady family as we explore their unique design choices and delve into how you can incorporate elements of this classic style into your own home.

In the 1970s, the Brady Bunch was a beloved American television show that captured the essence of a blended family living under one roof. From shag carpets and vibrant wallpaper to bold furniture choices, the show’s set showcased the design trends of its time. As we take a walk down memory lane, we will discover how these design elements continue to influence modern interiors today.

Now, let’s step inside the iconic Brady Bunch house and examine its key design elements. From the sunken living room with its orange tones and geometric patterns to the open staircase framed by wood paneling, every corner tells a story. We’ll uncover how these unique features can be replicated in your own space while adding your personal touch for that perfect blend of retro chic.

Join us as we explore the color palette of the Brady Bunch – bold greens, blues, and yellows all come together to create a groovy ambiance that is truly unforgettable. Discover how you can infuse your home with these vibrant hues while maintaining balance and harmony within your overall design scheme.

Incorporating elements from the iconic Brady Bunch home decor not only allows us to relive our favorite moments from the show but also adds an air of nostalgia and warmth to our own spaces. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly options or seeking guidance from expert interior designers, this article will provide you with all you need to know about recreating that Brady Bunch magic in your own home.

The Influence of the 70s

The 1970s was a groundbreaking period for interior design, with the Brady Bunch home serving as a prime example. The influence of this iconic decade can still be felt in modern homes today.

One of the most notable aspects of 70s design was the bold use of color. Earth tones such as avocado green and harvest gold made frequent appearances, adding warmth and a sense of nature to interiors. Other popular colors included mustard yellow, burnt orange, and rusty brown. These vibrant hues were often combined to create eye-catching color schemes that embodied the spirit of the era.

In addition to the distinctive color palette, the 70s also embraced patterns and textures. Retro floral prints, geometric shapes, and paisley motifs were commonly used in fabrics for upholstery, curtains, and bedding. Textures played a key role as well, with shag carpeting and textured wall coverings like cork or grasscloth being popular choices.

The furniture of the 70s also had its own unique style. Low-slung sofas with simple lines and exposed wood frames were favored for their sleek and modern aesthetic. Statement pieces like sunburst mirrors or bubble chairs added an element of fun and personality to spaces.

To capture the essence of the Brady Bunch home decor in your own space, you can incorporate these design elements through careful selection of colors, patterns, and furniture styles. By embracing the nostalgia of the 70s while adding your own personal touches, you can create a stylish and retro-chic interior that pays homage to this iconic era.

Key Design ElementsExample
Bold use of colorAvocado green walls paired with burnt orange accents
Retro floral printsUpholstered armchair with a vibrant floral pattern
Textured wall coveringsCork wall tiles adding visual interest to a room
Low-slung sofasA sleek, mid-century modern sofa in a neutral tone
Statement piecesA sunburst mirror hung above a fireplace as a focal point

Step inside the Brady Bunch House

When it comes to the iconic Brady Bunch home decor, there are several key design elements that define the aesthetic of this beloved television show. By incorporating these elements into your own space, you can channel the groovy and nostalgic vibes of the 70s. Let’s take a closer look at some of the essential design elements that make up the Brady Bunch style.

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about the Brady Bunch house is its open floor plan. The living room seamlessly flows into the dining area, creating a sense of connectivity and togetherness. This open layout embraces a sense of community and is perfect for entertaining family and friends. To recreate this feature in your own home, consider removing any unnecessary walls or partitions to create an open and inviting space.

In terms of color palette, bold and bright hues were characteristic of the Brady Bunch home decor. The show often featured vibrant oranges, yellows, greens, and blues, which added a cheerful and lively atmosphere to each room. To infuse this color palette into your own space, consider using pops of bright colors on accent walls or through furniture pieces and accessories.

Another key design element in the Brady Bunch house was its use of wood paneling. Wood paneling was prevalent throughout various rooms in the home, adding warmth and texture to each space. You can incorporate this woodsy vibe into your own home by installing wood paneling on walls or utilizing wood furniture pieces with a retro feel.

By embracing these key design elements – open floor plans, bold colors, and wood paneling – you can create your very own ode to the iconic Brady Bunch home decor in your space.

Design ElementDescription
Open Floor PlanThe Brady Bunch house had an open layout connecting the living room and dining area, creating a sense of unity and sociability.
Bold ColorsVibrant oranges, yellows, greens, and blues were common in the Brady Bunch home decor, adding a cheerful and lively atmosphere.
Wood PanelingWood paneling was a prevalent design element in various rooms, providing warmth and texture to the space.

Retro Chic

Incorporating vintage flair into modern interiors is a popular trend that allows homeowners to give their spaces a unique and nostalgic touch. The Brady Bunch home decor style embodies this retro chic aesthetic, making it a great source of inspiration for those looking to add some vintage charm to their own homes.

One key aspect of Brady Bunch home decor is the use of vintage furniture and accessories. Retro styles from the 1960s and 1970s, such as mid-century modern or Scandinavian designs, are often favored in this type of interior design. These pieces can be found at secondhand stores, flea markets, or even online marketplaces where vintage items are sold. Incorporating these vintage elements into modern interiors creates an eclectic and personalized look that pays homage to the Brady Bunch era.

The use of bold and groovy colors is another characteristic of Brady Bunch home decor. In order to recreate this vibrant color palette in a modern interior, consider incorporating pops of retro colors through accent pieces or statement walls.

For example, an orange or yellow armchair can instantly add a touch of 70s flair to a living room, while a patterned wallpaper featuring psychedelic designs can liven up a bedroom space. It is important to balance out bold colors with neutral tones to avoid overwhelming the space.

To further embrace the Brady Bunch style in your home, consider adding DIY projects that reflect the era’s charm. This could include creating your own macrame wall hanging or repurposing vintage items into functional decor pieces. These DIY projects not only add unique character to your space but also provide you with an opportunity for self-expression and creativity.

When incorporating Brady Bunch home decor into modern interiors, it’s important to strike a balance between old and new elements. Mixing vintage items with contemporary furniture and accessories keeps the space fresh and avoids creating a dated look. By carefully curating your selection of vintage pieces and considering how they will blend with your existing decor, you can successfully achieve a retro chic atmosphere in your home.

The Color Palette of the Brady Bunch

When it comes to the color palette of the Brady Bunch home decor, bold and groovy choices were the name of the game. The show’s creators wanted to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere that reflected the optimism and free-spirited nature of the 1970s. As a result, they chose a variety of colors that were popular during that era, creating an iconic look that is still beloved today.

Earth Tones

One of the signature features of the Brady Bunch color palette was its use of earth tones. This included shades like avocado green, burnt orange, harvest gold, and chocolate brown. These warm and earthy hues were often used on larger surfaces such as walls and floors, creating a grounding effect in each room. Despite being trendy at the time, these colors have proven to be classic choices that can add depth and warmth to any space.

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Bold Contrasts

In addition to earth tones, the Brady Bunch home decor also incorporated bold contrasts through pops of color. For example, rooms were often accented with bright primary colors like vibrant blue or sunny yellow. These bold choices created visual interest and added energy to every space. Many homeowners today are embracing this trend by incorporating splashes of contrasting colors through statement furniture pieces or accent walls.

Pastel Hues

Pastel hues were another favorite choice in the Brady Bunch color palette. Soft pinks, baby blues, and pale yellows were often found in bedrooms or bathrooms, adding a touch of sweetness to these spaces. Pastel hues are making a comeback in modern interior design and can be easily incorporated into any room as accents through pillows, artwork, or curtains.

Whether you want to fully embrace the retro charm or just add some nostalgic flair to your home, incorporating the bold and groovy color palette of the Brady Bunch is a great way to achieve that iconic look. Experiment with earth tones, bold contrasts, or pastel hues to bring a touch of the 70s into your own space and create an atmosphere that is both vibrant and inviting.

Furniture and Accessories

The furniture and accessories used in the Brady Bunch home played a significant role in capturing the essence of 70s style and creating a distinct look that is still beloved today. Recreating the Brady Bunch style at home involves carefully selecting and incorporating key pieces that embody the retro charm of the era.

Furniture Choices

One of the standout features of the Brady Bunch home decor was the use of modular furniture. This innovative approach allowed for flexibility and versatility in design, as well as reflecting the contemporary trends of its time. To recreate this style, consider investing in modular seating arrangements such as sectional sofas or loveseats that can be rearranged to suit different configurations.

In addition to modular furniture, iconic pieces like bean bag chairs, shag carpets, and low-slung coffee tables were also popular during the 70s. These items added a touch of informality and comfort to spaces, perfect for casual family living. Incorporating these elements into your own home can help recreate that distinctive Brady Bunch vibe.


Accessorizing is another key aspect of recreating the Brady Bunch style at home. The show’s set designers embraced bold patterns, vibrant colors, and unique textures when selecting accessories for each room. Look for vintage-inspired accessories with geometric patterns, psychedelic motifs, or earthy tones to capture that groovy atmosphere.

Wall art played a significant role in showcasing the personality of each character on The Brady Bunch. Framed prints featuring abstract designs or pop art were common choices seen throughout their home. Consider hanging similar artwork or creating a gallery wall with vintage posters to add a touch of nostalgia to your space.

Statement Pieces

To truly channel the spirit of The Brady Bunch home decor, incorporating statement pieces is essential. Look for eye-catching items like an egg chair, arc floor lamps, or mid-century modern furnishings that were popular during the 70s. These pieces not only add visual interest to a room but also serve as conversation starters and instant reminders of the iconic television series.

By carefully selecting furniture, incorporating accessories, and including statement pieces, you can recreate the Brady Bunch style in your own home. The key is to strike a balance between retro charm and modern functionality to make your space feel fresh and inviting while paying homage to this timeless design aesthetic.

DIY Projects

Creating a Funky Wallpaper Accent Wall

One of the most iconic elements of Brady Bunch home decor is the funky and bold wallpaper that adorned the walls of the Brady family’s living room. To capture that distinctive 70s vibe in your own space, consider creating a wallpaper accent wall.

Choose a bold, graphic pattern in bright hues such as orange, yellow, or green to instantly transport your space back in time. You can find authentic vintage wallpapers or opt for modern reproductions that emulate the retro aesthetic.

To create your accent wall, start by selecting a wall that will become the focal point of the room. Prepare the surface by cleaning it thoroughly and filling any cracks or holes. Next, apply wallpaper paste to both the back of the wallpaper and the wall itself.

Carefully align the pattern and press the wallpaper onto the wall, smoothing out any air bubbles or wrinkles using a smoothing tool. Trim off any excess paper along the edges for a clean finish. Remember to allow adequate drying time before arranging furniture or hanging artwork on your new Brady Bunch-inspired accent wall.

Macrame Hangings and Plant Holders

Macrame hangings were another popular design element in 70s home decor, adding texture and bohemian charm to any space. To incorporate this trend into your own home, consider DIY macrame projects such as plant holders or wall hangings.

To create a macrame plant holder, start by cutting several long pieces of macrame cord or thick twine. Attach them together with a gathering knot at one end and separate them into groups of four strands each. Begin tying square knots using adjacent cords until you’ve achieved your desired length for the plant holder. Finish it off with another gathering knot at the bottom and hang it from a hook in your ceiling or on a stand.

For macrame wall hangings, experiment with different knotting techniques to create interesting patterns and designs. You can incorporate beads or different-colored cords to add visual interest. Hang your macrame creations in key spots around your home, such as in the living room, bedroom, or even in the kitchen for a touch of 70s charm.

Customized and Upcycled Furniture Pieces

In true Brady Bunch fashion, customizing and upcycling furniture pieces is a great way to add a touch of personalization and vintage flair to your space. Look for inexpensive secondhand furniture that you can transform with paint and new hardware.

Start by selecting a piece of furniture that has good bones but may need some updating. Clean the surface thoroughly and sand it lightly to create a smooth base for painting. Choose a bold color from the Brady Bunch color palette, such as orange or avocado green, for an authentic throwback look. Apply several coats of paint using a brush or foam roller, allowing each coat to dry completely before adding another.

Once the paint is dry, consider replacing outdated hardware with vintage-inspired knobs or pulls. This simple change can make a big impact on the overall aesthetic of the piece. Additionally, you can use stencils or decals to add unique patterns or designs to surfaces such as table tops or drawer fronts.

By following these DIY projects inspired by the Brady Bunch home decor, you can infuse your own space with that funky 70s charm. Whether it’s creating a retro wallpaper accent wall, crafting macrame hangings, or repurposing furniture pieces with vintage flair – these projects will help you achieve the nostalgic design elements that defined the iconic Brady Bunch style.

Brady Bunch Home Decor on a Budget

The iconic home decor of the Brady Bunch is not only known for its nostalgic charm, but also for its affordability. Recreating this retro style in your own home doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity and some strategic shopping, you can achieve an affordable retro revival that captures the essence of the Brady Bunch era. Here are some tips to help you bring the Brady Bunch home decor into your space without draining your wallet.

  1. Thrift Stores and Flea Markets: One of the best ways to find affordable pieces for your Brady Bunch-inspired space is by browsing through thrift stores and flea markets. These places are treasure troves for vintage furniture and accessories that can add that authentic 70s vibe to your home. Look out for items like funky lamps with geometric patterns, macramé wall hangings, colorful vases, and retro artwork.
  2. DIY Projects: Another budget-friendly way to incorporate Brady Bunch home decor is through do-it-yourself projects. Get creative and try your hand at crafting some key pieces yourself. For example, you can make your own macramé plant hangers or create abstract artwork using bold colors and shapes reminiscent of the era. Not only will these projects save you money, but they will also add a personal touch to your space.
  3. Online Marketplaces: In addition to physical stores, online marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace offer a wide range of affordable vintage items that can complete your Brady Bunch look. Take advantage of these platforms to find unique pieces that fit within your budget. Just be sure to thoroughly research sellers and read reviews before making any purchases.
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By following these tips for affordable retro revival, you can bring the nostalgic charm of the Brady Bunch home decor into your own space without spending a fortune. Remember to embrace thrift store finds, get creative with DIY projects, and explore online marketplaces for budget-friendly options. With a little time and effort, you can create a retro-inspired haven that pays homage to the beloved Brady Bunch era.

Nostalgic Touches

The Brady Bunch television series has left a lasting impact on pop culture, and fans of the show are often eager to bring a piece of that nostalgic charm into their own homes. One way to do this is by incorporating collectibles and memorabilia from the Brady Bunch era. From vintage toys to retro artwork, these nostalgic touches can transport you back in time and create a truly authentic Brady Bunch-inspired space.

To start your collection, consider hunting for vintage items that were popular during the 70s. This could include iconic board games like Twister or Operation, vintage lunchboxes featuring favorite characters from the era, or classic toys such as Etch A Sketch or Lite-Brite. Display these items on shelves or create a dedicated display area where guests can admire them.

Another way to incorporate collectibles is through artwork inspired by the Brady Bunch era. Look for prints or posters depicting scenes from the show or showcasing popular design trends of the time. Wall art featuring vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and retro typography can instantly add that groovy 70s vibe to your home decor.

In addition to collectibles and artwork, don’t forget about smaller memorabilia items that can be used as accents throughout your space. Consider finding vintage record players, rotary telephones, or even retro kitchen appliances to enhance the overall aesthetic. These functional pieces not only add visual appeal but also provide an opportunity to infuse your daily life with a touch of nostalgia.

By incorporating collectibles and memorabilia from the Brady Bunch era into your home decor, you can pay homage to this iconic show while also adding unique personal touches that reflect your love for all things retro. Whether you choose to display vintage toys, hang up original artwork, or showcase smaller mementos from the era, these nostalgic touches will transport you back in time and celebrate the magic of the Brady Bunch in your own home.

  • Collect vintage toys popular during the 70s like board games, lunchboxes, and classic toys such as Etch A Sketch or Lite-Brite.
  • Incorporate artwork inspired by the Brady Bunch era featuring scenes from the show or popular design trends of the time.
  • Find smaller memorabilia items like vintage record players, rotary telephones, or retro kitchen appliances to use as accents throughout your space.

Expert Insights

When it comes to incorporating Brady Bunch home decor into modern interiors, interior designers have some valuable insights to offer. They understand how to capture the essence of the 70s while still creating a stylish and functional space. Here are their expert tips on achieving the perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary design:

  1. Embrace Retro-inspired Pieces: Interior designers recommend sourcing vintage furniture and accessories to capture the authentic Brady Bunch style. Look for iconic pieces like mid-century sofas, orange shag rugs, and statement lighting fixtures. Mixing these retro-inspired pieces with modern elements will create a unique and eclectic look that pays homage to the 70s while still feeling fresh.
  2. Play with Colors: The color palette of the Brady Bunch was bold, vibrant, and groovy. Designers suggest using these colors strategically in your space to create a nostalgic feel without overwhelming the room. Choose one or two standout colors from the era, such as avocado green or burnt orange, and pair them with neutral tones like white or beige for balance.
  3. Opt for Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterns were prevalent during the 70s, so incorporating them into your decor is a great way to channel that time period. Look for wallpapers, throw pillows, or rugs featuring geometric prints in earthy tones. These patterns can add visual interest to your space while also paying tribute to the iconic style of the Brady Bunch home.
  4. Mix Vintage with Contemporary: To avoid creating a dated or overly nostalgic look, interior designers recommend mixing vintage elements with contemporary furnishings and accessories. Pairing a vintage coffee table with modern accent chairs or displaying retro-themed artwork alongside minimalist wall decor can strike the ideal balance between past and present.
  5. Pay Attention to Detail: It’s often said that “the devil is in the details,” and this rings true when recreating Brady Bunch home decor as well. Interior designers suggest paying attention to small touches like retro-inspired tableware, vintage telephones, or wall hangings to complete the overall look. These little details can make a big difference in capturing the magic of the era and adding authenticity to your space.

By following these expert insights, you can successfully incorporate Brady Bunch home decor into your modern interior design. Remember to embrace retro-inspired pieces, play with bold colors and geometric patterns, mix vintage with contemporary elements, and pay attention to small details. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create a stylish and nostalgic space that captures the essence of the iconic Brady Bunch home while still feeling current and unique.


In conclusion, the Brady Bunch home decor is a timeless and iconic design style that continues to captivate and inspire homeowners today. The influence of the 70s can be felt throughout the Brady Bunch house, with its bold color palette, vintage furniture, and groovy accessories. By incorporating key design elements from this era, homeowners can create a space that is both retro-chic and modern.

One of the defining features of Brady Bunch home decor is its use of bold and groovy colors. From vibrant oranges and yellows to bold blues and greens, the Brady Bunch color palette adds a sense of fun and energy to any space. By incorporating these colors into your own home, you can bring a touch of nostalgia while creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Another important aspect of Brady Bunch home decor is its focus on retro furniture and accessories. From shag rugs to mod lamps, these vintage pieces add character and charm to any room. By embracing retro chic in your own home, you can create a unique and personalized space that pays homage to this iconic design style.

For those looking to recreate the Brady Bunch style on a budget, there are plenty of affordable options available. Thrift stores, flea markets, and online marketplaces are great places to find vintage pieces at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, DIY projects offer an opportunity to get creative and incorporate custom touches into your space without breaking the bank.

Overall, reliving the Brady Bunch magic through home decor allows us to tap into a sense of nostalgia while creating a space that is uniquely our own. Whether it’s through bold colors, retro furniture, or DIY projects, incorporating elements from this iconic era brings joy and personality into our homes. So why not take a step back in time and embrace the groovy world of Brady Bunch home decor?

Frequently Asked Questions

What style was The Brady Bunch house?

The style of The Brady Bunch house can be described as a quintessential example of 1970s suburban architecture. It embodied the popular American “ranch” style with its single-story layout, low-pitched roof, and open floor plan design. Its exterior showcased an iconic blend of vibrant colors and geometric patterns that became synonymous with the show.

Who bought the remodeled Brady Bunch house?

The remodeled Brady Bunch house was bought by HGTV in 2018. The network acquired the property with an aim to renovate it and create a show that would commemorate the beloved sitcom’s 50th anniversary. HGTV recognized both the architectural significance and nostalgic appeal of The Brady Bunch house, leading them to become the new owners of this notable residence.

Did HGTV sell The Brady Bunch house?

No, HGTV did not sell The Brady Bunch house. After purchasing the property, HGTV embarked on an extensive renovation project to restore the house back to its original, nostalgic glory as seen on The Brady Bunch TV series.

This included recreating every detail depicted on the show and transforming it into a near-perfect replica of what viewers remember from their childhoods. Rather than selling it immediately after remodeling, HGTV preserved this special piece of pop culture history for fans around the world to enjoy through various promotional events and shows.

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