Artificial Flowers and Artificial Plants Have Their Advantages

Artificial Flowers

While few things are as lovely and fragrant as real flowers and plants,
artificial flowers and artificial plants do have their advantages in
some situations. If you are planning an event, or need to send a
remembrance, sometimes artificial flowers and artificial plants make the best
When many people think about artificial flowers and artificial plants,
they think of those awful plastic arrangements found gathering dust on
discount department store shelves. But things are quite different today
and realistic silk orchids or flowers have replaced the tacky plastic
flowers and plants of the past.
Artificial flowers and artificial plants can be great for extending a
wedding budget. Silk flowers can be used in place of real flowers, and
with a drop of scented oil applied in the very center, most people can’t
tell the difference between the two.
Silk flower wedding arrangements are also perfect for high traffic
areas where real flowers would take a bruising. Artificial flowers and
artificial plants make perfect pew decorations. Guests may accidentally
brush up against them as they are seated, but the petals will look as
lovely as ever. You never need to worry about silk orchids or flowers
Scrapbooking, Crafting, and Cake Decorating
Artificial flowers and artificial plants are the perfect way to add
floral accents to scrapbook pages and crafts. For example, a copy of the
wedding invitation is usually saved by the bride for a keepsake. Silk
flowers, whole or with petals and leaves separated for convenience, can
be used to decorate the pages of a scrapbook or keepsake frame.
You can also decorate a cake with realistic silk flowers that are far
more beautiful and dramatic than piped frosting creations, and you can
save them afterward in a keepsake box.
Sending flowers in times of sorrow is a time honored tradition, and
real flowers are both lovely and fragrant, but they fade away all too
soon. Many families have a custom of offering bereavement floral
arrangements to friends and family as a poignant remembrance of a loved one’s
passing. Silk flower arrangements make a lasting gift that will bring back
fond memories of absent friends and family for years to come.
Artificial flowers and artificial plants made today are just as
beautiful and nearly identical to the real thing. If you want the beauty of
flowers in your life, why not add some permanence with lovely silk
flowers and plants.

Care Free Décor: Artificial Plants And Silk Flowers

Artificial Plants And Silk Flowers

Flowers and plants are wonderful ways to add ambience throughout your home or office. Live flowers and plants can be a burden for a busy homeowner or office manager however, as they must receive the proper care in order to make the surroundings beautiful. A plant can die for any number of reasons, and a wilting plant or set of flowers will look tacky to visitors. Additionally, plants that are cared for will grow, and you will find yourself pruning and repotting your decorations a couple of times a year. Add to that the potential mess of fallen leaves and scattered dirt, and you will see why houseplants can be quite a chore even if you are gifted with a green thumb.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to real plants if you want to add that extra splash of color to your home. Artificial plants and silk flowers are a perfect low maintenance addition to the home or office in terms of decor.

Artificial plants can be purchased almost anywhere, as they do not require special care or storage from the retailer. Artificial plants can sit on shelves for long periods of time in stores, just as they can in your home. Artificial plants and artificial trees are manufactured in all the varieties found in real plants, and can be tailored to fit your space needs. You choose the artificial plant variety, the pot, and then walk your new décor item out the door. The only maintenance you will need to do is dusting!

Silk flowers are an even more abundant option than artificial plants. Silk flowers can be bought in arrangements or separately, in a variety of species replicas and sizes. There is no need to keep silk flowers in a vase- if you want to have tiny individual daisies along the edges of your bathroom, you can accomplish the task with silk flowers!

In addition to their low maintenance appeal, artificial plants and silk flowers do not produce any pollen or sap, so they are not a risk for any person who might be afflicted with allergies. Artificial plants and silk flowers are a perfect housewarming or office decoration.

Why People Like Artificial Plants

Why People Like Artificial Plants

What can be done with artificial plants is just a matter of seeing it for yourself. Who knew that manipulating plastic could even turn out to look that beautiful? If you are the type who’s against the destruction of the Rain Forest, who said that you should not have any green in your home? Artificial plants are odorless and the only thing they do catch is dust. Taking a damp cloth, or even having the kids spend on morning on a Saturday cleaning them, will bring back the color of the plants.

Artificial plants can resemble actual flowers and it will take a second – maybe even a third – glance to realize that they are not real. A few of the plants are available with artificial water, which adds to the look-a-like effect, and be beautiful centerpieces on the coffee table, on the mantelpiece or even on the bedside pedestal. There is nothing wrong with having plastic in your house, and if you are against it, you just have a look at a few of the artificial plants and decide for yourself. You will not be blamed if you are taken to the artificial plant section and can’t tell the difference between real and plastic.

The two are very close – maybe so close that there is no fault. To tell the difference all you have to do is put your nose near each of them and smell the difference. When owning artificial plants in your home and would like to give it a fresh smell, try adding a few drops of potpourri oils on the brim of the vase. That should convince the visitors that your beautiful flowers are making the room smell so nice. Share your secret with them and tell them and then see the looks on their faces when they stand there in disbelief.

People love artifical plants for many reasons as you can see. Since they aren’t as delicate as real plants, they can also be easily found and purchased online. Find any artificial plants you like online and take measurements to make sure they’ll be a perfect fit for your home.

Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

Are you tired of your present home décor? Sooner or later, that couch you loved ten years ago, now looks old, frayed and dated. Ditto on the kitchen curtains and the sterile white walls everywhere you look. You want a fresh look, but your budget for a redecorating project is modest. Don’t despair. With a few inexpensive changes and a little planning, you can have a new look you’ll love! Read on to learn of one of the highly effective and well-kept secrets of professional decorators.

A fresh coat of paint all around in colors that reflect your personality will work wonders. Perhaps colored levelors, to replace those dowdy curtains, will jazz up the the kitchen, allowing light and privacy at the same time. This is a good start. Now how can you infuse the scene with lively accents without breaking the budget? Any décor benefits from a few strategically placed plants. Plants lend a soft, cozy feeling that creates an inviting ambiance. Restaurants, coffee houses and corporate offices often use plants just for this reason.

There is a drawback to plants – they require maintenance and a green thumb for long-lasting success in a decorating scheme. Consider artificial plants as a low-cost, low maintenance solution. Technology is now so advanced. Quality artificial plants are so real looking, you’d need to put on your glasses for a close inspection to tell the difference between the faux plant and its fertilizer-gobbling counterpart.

With artificial plants, you needn’t engage a neighbor to water your friends when you go away on vacation. Weekend plans won’t be disrupted with watering, trimming, fertilizing and repotting tasks. Yet your home’s appearance suggests you’re a master gardener with decorating flair.

Among the many types of artificial plants available, one stands out as superior in appearance. Artificial plants made of silk are almost indistinguishable from the real McCoy. They’re a bit more costly than artificial plants made of plastic, but are truly lovely and they never die! A hanging fern in the bathroom appears as natural as the real thing. Any gardener will tell you that ferns need lots of moisture and typically thrives in a bathroom setting where steam and moisture keep it hale and hearty. An occasional spray with a spritzer bottle enhances this illusion.

A tall umbrella tree in the living room gives lots of value for your decorating bucks. Placed next to your couch by your reading lamp on the end table, this artificial plant makes your couch a desirable place to kick back with a good book. Add a nice throw blanket and a few new pillows and that old couch is back in business!

Just as real plants can be dressed up with backlighting, your backlit artificial tree can provide a romantic highlight. String some lights through its branches for a stunning effect. If your budget is very tight, you can always add to your artificial plant collection later. So there you have one of the best tricks in the pro decorator’s arsenal!

Artificial plants as a part of your home décor

Artificial plants as a part of your home décor

What I love about artificial plants is that I don’t have to water them. I have a few real ones in my home, and if they were not able to handle sparse watering, they would never survive in my home. I love real plants, but I am entirely too forgetful to have too many of them. This is why I love the artificial plants that I have. I don’t have to worry about watering them, my cats don’t eat them, and they never need trimming or transplant. All I have to do is make sure I dust them now and again to keep them looking fresh and new.

I have also found that artificial plants can do things that real plants can not do when it comes to décor and room design. My friend has a ledge that runs around the ceiling in her bathroom. She has gotten an artificial vine that runs all the way around and looks amazing in there. This is not something you can easily do with a real plant, and if you could, it would be hard to water and care for such a plant. These look good in many areas of the house, though you should not use them everywhere.

Not all artificial plants look that good, and that is why it is a good idea to shop around when you buy some, and it is also a good idea to spend more. The better looking ones are going to cost you more, but what you are paying for is the quality more so than the size of the plant. Be sure to inspect each part of any artificial plants you want to buy. Some look really good for the most part, but might have a fatal flaw that ruins the overall look of the plant.