Picture Frames – Make Or Break An Artpiece

Picture Frames

One ancient proverb says a picture is equal to thousand words. What about picture frames. The main function of a picture or photo frame is to protect and highlight the content it holds.

A beautiful work of art can be made to look drab by framing it improperly, using wrong materials. Similarly an excellent frame can definitely enhance the beauty of the picture it holds.

There are frames and there are frames but to select which is most suitable for the picture or photograph it is going to be a very difficult job. A wrong choice and you lose the contented feeling you get when you look at a work of art.

Occasionally, pictures are abnormal in size so you need custom picture frames which are quite expensive. To complement the picture, to get a perfect look and merge with ambience of the room where the picture is display one should be willing to commission a professional to build the perfect frame.

Picture and photo frames of standard sizes are not expensive and they can be bought from your neighbourhood shop. To suit our individual style and also to enhance the quality of the pictures, care should be taken to incorporate these factors when we select standard picture or photo frames.

Picture frames come in hundreds of colours, different shapes and a wide variety of materials which will complement the interior decoration.

The photo frames are made of pewter, stainless, ceramics, composites and crystal. Your budget is the only criteria to select the best available design and material.

Picture frames can be artful in their own right with wide borders, bright and bold colour. Try to avoid a picture frame which overwhelms the image it carries.

Collage Picture Frames

For the contemporary home select metal frames in darker shades such as black, copper, gold or silver. To get a Mediterranean style select bold white frames. To create an antique Victorian look ornate gilded frames are the best choice to highlight beautiful art and special prints.

The children’s room will get a youthful atmosphere by using plastic frames in vivid colours.

Avoid metal frames to encase valuable pieces of art. They are priced moderately and sold as kits with their backs open. This makes the contents exposed to dust and moisture.

With proper tools and after little practice you can make your own wooden picture frames and it is a correct choice for original arts, limited edition prints and other valuable photos.

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