Picture Frames For Any Baby Photo And More!


Baby picture framesFor any family who has children baby picture frames are very important items. Sure, parents love to show off their little tykes as much as possible and choosing a suitable framing can make the difference between a good snapshot and a photographic masterpiece.

There are lots of options when it comes to selecting the right frame for the little tot but for sure, one brand stands out.

Yes, images by Ellen presents unique baby picture frames that are especially designed for baby’s first picture. By first picture, I mean the infant’s sonogram or ultrasound image that a majority of parents receive during a checkup when the mother is about eighteen months pregnant. This is truly the infant’s first picture. I loved the ultrasound images of my daughter.

She was full of life and the nurse recommended that we get a lot of sleep while we possibly could. Our daughter wriggled around a lot that the nurse had a good opportunity to catch some really beautiful images of her while she was rolling around.

Of all, one of the images appeared to be a snapshot of our daughter waving to us. This is my absolute favorite of the ultrasound images and I wanted to frame it. Unfortunately, I glanced through a huge number of baby picture frames to no avail. I didn’t seem to find wither the right size or shape to suit our baby’s very first snapshots.

My next step was to let my friend, the Internet, get involved and I was not disappointed. I found Images by Ellyn in no time at all. This company specializes in baby picture frames designed specifically for ultrasound images. After just a few clicks and one tough decision, I was on my way to receiving a keepsake that I will treasure for my life.

Poster Frames

The baby picture frames are made of wood, they are both long-lasting as well as suit any décor. The sonogram image is protected by a special support and a glass surface on the face of the image. The opening of the frame is also the perfect size for a sonogram image. You don’t need to crop or enlarge the ultrasound print to accommodate these baby picture frames.

However the one thing that was tricky about the task was choosing the right words for the item. You can select any one from the number of sentimental statements that are available for the baby picture frames. The little note of sentiment adds a wonderful touch for the keepsake. Truly, I will always cherish my baby’s very first photo!

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