Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs have come a long way since their early days. The early days were a time when the rugs produced in the east were popular in the east only.

Persia, India, Turkey and Tibet were some of the oldest manufacturers of these rugs. The main reason due to which these were not so popular in the west was lack of transportation in the older days.

The rug industry has carved a niche of its own. Initially, rugs were popular only in the west but in recent days, this popularity has spread to the east also. The manufacture of rugs using machines has also increased. One of the most favored among the machine manufactured rugs is the oriental rugs. Some of the properties of oriental rugs which make them unique are:

§ Though the cost of these rugs is high, they are designed with the finest textures and give a royal look to your home.

§ Oriental rugs are woven in different countries with different designs. For example, the rugs from Iran or Persia are huge, bulky, and exquisite. Oriental rugs are designed by incorporating the culture of their own country and the neighboring countries in the design. 828 International, AminCo, Feizy, Kalat, Lotfy, Momeni, Nichols, Fette, Samad, Tamarian, and Trans-Ocean are some important designs of oriental rugs.

§ These rugs when purchased from a genuine dealer are a lifetime investment and give good value for your money.

§ Oriental rugs come in Geometric patterns or simple designs, bright colors or light tones, with can make every room in your house beautiful.

Designer Rugs

The important factors to be kept in mind when purchasing an oriental rug are:

i.Since these are costly, the exact size which you require must be measured first.

ii.The quality of rugs depends on the knots woven per square inch. If the knots per square inch are higher, the rug is of better quality.

iii.Look for imperfections on the rug surface.

The oriental rugs are durable and environment-friendly. These are hand made and each strand is hand stretched to provide greater strength and consistency. The two types of knots used in making oriental rugs are – the symmetrical Turkish knot or the asymmetrical Persian knot.

Horizontal looms are used to weave smaller rugs and vertical looms to weave larger ones. The time for completion varies with the size of the rug. Since oriental rugs are costly, all your needs must be assessed properly before you buy one.

The oriental rugs are designed by experts who are well versed with the tradition and culture of their region. They try to transfer this culture into their rugs through well depicted sceneries and designs. In the recent days, a sort of innovation has crept into the manufacture of these rugs.

Weavers have been blending old models with new ones in the recent days. The Persian designs are famous all over the world today also. Recognizing this popularity, the manufacturers are finding newer ways to incorporate these designs into the modern rug.

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