Designer Rugs

Designer Rugs

Subtly changing the look of your home is as easy as decorating with rugs. Fortunately, rugs are an easy way to update the look of your home without taking away from current colors or designs, and often times rugs are more affordable than other decorating elements.

In addition to this, if you move, you simply take the rugs with you. Or, you can use them during different seasons or different areas of your home. However, when shopping for rugs to decorate your home you do need to keep certain tips in mind regarding colors, patterns, location, and treatments of the rugs.

Color is important to consider when shopping for rugs because it affects the way the room will appear. So, if you are decorating a room that is painted a dark color, then you might consider buying a lighter colored rug to add contrast and open the room up a bit.

Also, if you are buying rugs for rooms that are painted bright colors or have bright colored fabrics and furniture, then you will want to buy rugs that are more neutral toned so as to complement the current color scheme.

However, if you are decorating a room that is painted a light or neutral color with little or no design, then buying a brightly colored and designed rug is a good idea because it will give the room personality and color immediately.

Patterns should also be considered when shopping for rugs because you want all of the patterns in a room to blend well and complement each other. Having multiple patterns that are contrasting takes away from the comfort and design of the room.

Contemporary Rugs

So, make sure your current patterns whether they be in curtains, other fabrics, wallpaper, you name it, are complemented by the pattern in the rugs you buy to decorate with.

You also need to consider where the rug will be in relation to your home because this will affect the color and design you need to pick out. For instance, if you are looking for rugs that will enhance your front foyer where the entire family enters and exists every day, you will want to consider darker rugs with more intricate patterns that do not show dirt and wear as lighter colors.

However, if you want rugs to decorate your dining room which is only used on special occasions, then you might consider a lighter and brighter color. This is up to you, but if you choose a lighter color for a high traffic area it will show dirt quickly and you will be constantly washing the rug.

Also, if you want to buy rugs for your bathrooms, there are some additional considerations. First, make sure it matches the colors and designs already in the bathroom unless you plan on changing these to match the rugs. And another important consideration is that bathroom rugs are specially treated in order to resist water and mildew growth. If you do not buy rugs specifically treated for exposure to water you will end up with problems and frustration.

Remember, decorating with rugs can be a lot of fun and change the look of your home quickly and affordable. However, make sure you follow the preceding tips.

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