Beaded Curtains

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Notably, beading is no longer confined in embroidery or jewelry making. The patience of those who have taken beadworks to a great extent conceived the idea of beaded curtains. If you want an exotic look for your living room or doorway, beaded curtains can be a chic alternative to an otherwise dull setup.

Acrylic Beaded Curtains use transparent acrylic beads that come in a variety of styles and shapes (flowers, raindrops, and Aurora Borealis). The great thing about this type is that they can be custom dyed to your choice of color. You must be warned, though, that acrylic beads can no longer be washed when the dye has dried out.

Acrylic beads perfectly replace glass beads for those who despise or are uncomfortable with the latter. They also take out the fear of breaking the glass beads but offer similar looks and styles.

Glass Beaded Curtains offer a trouble-free way to put an elegant look to any room. The glittering glass beads create the impression of raindrops reflecting light that soothes and calms anyone in the room. Some of the shapes of glass beads are raindrops, champagne bubbles, and animals, but there are others more.

This type of curtain must carefully adorn areas of a home that are less frequently used to avoid breaking the glass. Glass beaded curtains, when used as divider of a main doorway, might fracture when the glass beads brush on concrete barriers.

Wooden Beaded Curtains provide a natural touch for windows and doorways that don’t replicate the bamboo. They serve as home décor at the same time acts as an alternative to the usual draperies. The type of sound produced by the wooden beads depends on the kind of wood used for the beads.

How to Choose Curtains and Bathroom Accessories

You can make different wooden curtain patterns that suit your style. Though it takes time to create a beautiful design, your artwork will definitely stand proud wherever you desire to place it.

For Feng Shui believers, bamboo beaded curtains would be a good choice because they keep the flow of energy into a room just like wind chimes. They are also excellent home décors that offers a tropical mood. Bamboo can be dyed if you want to change its natural look or simply to add color, designs, and patterns. The light material of bamboo makes it ideal for doorways.

If used in children’s rooms, you can encourage your child to unleash his creativity so both of you can paint the bamboo. Bamboo beaded curtains are able to substitute fallen doors due to their tightly knit arrangement.

Additionally, Painted Beaded Curtains serve as artwork aside from their typical uses as curtains. You can find several images on these curtains among which, and the most popular, is the image of the Monalisa painting. Popular paintings also are tropical scenes that help set moods in your home.

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